Abdurajak Janjalani’s spiritual and political ideas provided the footing for ASG’s original political orientation. 23 The initial premiss for making the group was for a Muslim Mujahideen that would be committed to “a battle in the cause of Allah” or “fighting and deceasing for the cause of Islam. ”24 To his ASG followings Janjalani was more than a leader. he provided their ideological way and enlightenment.

Janjalani was good educated and knowing of assorted countries that impacted the Muslim population in the Philippines. These included the historical. spiritual. economic. political. and societal conditions that existed at the time25 and it was his purpose to construct his thought of an Islamic province in the southern Philippines to better those conditions. 26 Funding to originate and back up the motion in the beginning was purportedly supplied by Mohammed Jamal Khalifa. Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law. 27 This was the first reported nexus to Al Qaeda.

Subsequently. in 1992. Janjalani and his group established an official central office in Isabela. Basilan calling the Camp Al-Madinah Mujahideen. but the cantonment was captured by the Philippine Marines in 1993 coercing ASG to relocate and set up a new base in Patikul. Sulu. This fostered greater cooperation and confederation with Ghalib Andang who led the Sulu-based unit of the ASG. 28 Working together the combined ASG forces began an aggressive recruiting attempt to spread out their work force. get weaponries and weaponries. and began the moneymaking series of fund-raising activities in snatchs and demanding high ransoms. 29

Before his decease in 1998. Janjalani delivered eight extremist ideological messages called Khutbahs. These Khutbahs are regarded as primary beginnings of his extremist Islamic idea and depicted the deepness of his Abu Sayyaf. . . 5 apprehension of Wahabi Islam. One of the Khutbahs exposed an intense bitterness of Christian missionaries in Mindanao. particularly those regarded as knocking Islam. His reading was that “aggressive sermon of Christian missionaries in Mindanao therefore insulted Islam and provoked Muslims to react violently. As a consequence. the bombardment of the Christian missional ship M/V Doulos in 1991 was revenge against Christian missionaries who used derogatory words against Islam and called Allah a false God. ”