All the words in a linguistic communication do up what is by and large known as its vocabulary. Vocabulary is one of the three indispensable elements of language-pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Learning a linguistic communication is fundamentally a affair of larning the vocabulary of that linguistic communication. Roll uping vocabulary has been ever a cardinal point in English survey. But a great portion of pupils seem to disregard this. This thesis is traveling to speak about the importance of roll uping vocabulary for English survey.

Cardinal words: vocabulary, categorization, enlargement,

Main organic structure:

Along with societal advancement, English ‘s place in assorted Fieldss has become progressively of import in China. One mark of maintaining abreast of the clip is larning English which is an increasing attending. Peoples frequently say that “ larning a linguistic communication is fundamentally a affair of larning the vocabulary of that linguistic communication. Therefore, larning English will be the basic demand of doing life and developing in the hereafter. Accumulating adequate words to utilize is the indispensable attack to larn a linguistic communication good.

A word is a minimum free signifier of a linguistic communication that has a given sound, significance and syntactic map. Vocabulary is the edifice of the linguistic communication system. Vocabulary is the basis of larning English good. English contains about 1 million words. Learners should get the hang different sums of words in different stages. It is really of import to roll up words in English survey. We can discourse the importance of roll uping vocabulary in English in five different countries.

Accretion of vocabulary

First ; Classification of words.

Based on the Latin tradition, words can be classified into nine categories — -noun, adjectival, adverb, pronoun, verb, preposition, concurrence, article and concurrence. Wordss have a fabulous power. The great British linguist George W. Wilkins says: Without grammar really small can be conveyed, without vocabulary nil can be conveyed. First of wholly, a word is the combination of sound, significance and grammar. Second, a word can appearance itself. For illustration, the noun “ Yes ” .It means the linguistic communication user express understanding. Wordss can be used independently. Third, a sentence is combined with words. Different categories of words play their ain functions in a sentence. English scholars should calculate out the categorization of words, so the construction of sentence can be understood. Such as “ They have a nice house ” . “ they “ is the topic of this sentence, “ have “ is the verb and “ a nice house “ is the object complement which “ a ” is an article and the adjectival “ nice ” modifies the noun “ house ” . So cognizing the categorization of words can assist English scholars make sentences accurately and show their sentiment exactly.

Second ; Expansion of vocabulary.

The writer and educationalist of the United States, L. Ron. Hubbar thought that vocabulary is the most of import factor of set uping comprehension and application. Just like a brick is the most of import portion of a edifice. If an English scholar ca n’t get the hang vocabulary skilfully, he ca n’t get the hang English good either. Actually the sum of vocabulary and the capacity of utilizing these vocabularies have a direct impact on a scholar ‘s public presentation in idea and linguistic communication look.

A. Affixes are by and large classified into three subtypes, viz. , prefix, postfix, and infix.

Prefix un- , para- , mini- , in-

Suffix -ise, – -tion

Infix foot/feet, goose/geese

Affixs are so helpful to larn English vocabulary. A word can be formed when an affix added to a root. For illustration, the prefix “ in- “ means the opposite significance, incorrect, insecure, inconsiderate, invariability. The infix “ -tion “ can be formed nouns when added to roots, such as declaration, action, satisfaction,

B. Derivation

Derivation is the procedure in which new words are created from already bing words through affixes. See the undermentioned illustration.

N V length +en lengthen

N Adj colour + ful colorful

kid + ish childish

N Adj/Adv

N V work+er worker

farm +er husbandman

N N pealing +let coil

non +nuclear nonnuclear

V V un +do undo

Adj Adj ir +rational irrational

C. Compounding

Compounding is a noun, an adjectival or a verb, made of two or more words or parts of words, written as one or more words, or joined by dash. For case, babysit, airtight, haircut, traffic island, , absent-minded,

D. Conversion

A manner of word-formation is introduced into the linguistic communication, that is, Conversion. Conversion is really the derivational procedure whereby a word is adapted or converted to a new word-class without the add-on of an affix. See the undermentioned illustration.

Appeal N V

The Beatles have ne’er lost their entreaty.

The Beatles have appealed to all ages.

Dry Adj V

The river was dry.

She dried the dishes.

brick N Adj

ruddy brick

All in all, these methods are really effectual and helpful for roll uping vocabulary. English scholars need to use them accurately and skilfully during the procedure of roll uping words, so their sums of words would be expanded.

Consequence of vocabulary on English basic accomplishment preparation

In procedure of English survey, the basic accomplishment preparations of hearing, speech production, reading and composing are necessary. These four parts are non merely the intent, but the method. However, roll uping words is the first measure.

Among the four accomplishments ( listening, speech production, reading, composing ) , English scholars frequently complain that hearing is the most hard accomplishments to get. Listening is one of the chief ways of geting information. One ground that English scholars think listening is hard is because of the sum and the proficiency of their accumulating words.