In the twelvemonth 1851 in the town Akron. Ohio a adult female delivered a address at a women’s convention that would be everlastingly remembered for its illustriousness. echt and powerful message. In the address Sojourner Truth talked about her experiences non merely about being a adult females but being a black adult female in that society. In the address she uses her personal experiences to link with her audience and provoke them physically and emotionally. Sojourner Truth uses insistent linguistic communication. personal experiences. and sacred mentions to link with her audiences emotionally and invokes her audience with the power to get the better of racial and gender inequality. In her address Sojourner Truth recognizes herself as a victim of inequality by saying how she faces favoritism everyday as a black adult female. In order to arouse an emotional response in her audience she uses her personal anecdotes and invites her audience who are largely adult females confronting favoritism from the society. She besides references to a adult male claiming that he says “women need to assist into passenger cars and lifted over ditches and have the best topographic point everyplace. ” After stating the following quotation marks she follows an immediate denial. She says that no 1 is polite to her. She angrily exclaims “no one of all time helps me into passenger cars. lifts me over ditches or gives me the best topographic point! ” By stating this quotation mark she shows how hypocritical the society was at that clip.

In her address Sojourner Truth creates the feeling of bitterness in her audience by picturing the lip service between work forces and adult females in the society. She besides creates the feeling of authorization in her audience. By explicating the lip service in her ain life Sojourner Truth invites her audiences to recognize their ain unfairness go oning in their lives which they may desire to alter. She besides exclaims her vulnerable province which grabs the audience’s emotions and asks for their understanding.

After she has talked about the unfairness in her life Truth empowers her
audience by crying and reiterating a rhetorical inquiry “ain’t I a adult female? ” She repeats this inquiry once more and once more because she believes that she has her right to her ain equality. She repeats this inquiry because she wants her audience to experience the same authorization she is experiencing and she wants them to recognize that they deserve their right to their equality. She exclaims this inquiry over and over once more each clip with her personal narrative and builds up the energy in her audience. She besides compares herself to a adult male by stating “I have ploughed. planted and gathered into barns and no adult male could head me. ” She continues to reiterate this inquiry to do the claim that she is equal as a adult male and she needs equality.

Sojourner Truth besides uses faith and religion to do her point to the audience. She makes mentions to the Bible when she is giving her address and makes an emotional connexion with her audience who are largely Christians. Since most of the audiences were Christians she realizes that they can associate more positively to her thoughts and her claims. When she opens up her address she uses the word “children” citing that she sees everyone in her audience every bit like a female parent treats her kids every bit. By utilizing the word “children” she besides foreshadows that her address is traveling to be equality among the society.

Sojourner Truth ends her address with her most empowering fact. She states that a adult male said that a adult female can’t have as many rights as a adult male because Christ was non a adult female. She smartly contradicts this statement by saying the quotation mark “cause Christ was non a adult female! Where did your Jesus semen from? From God and from adult female. Man has nil to make with him. ” After she says the undermentioned quotation mark she besides says a truly empowering statement to the audience. She claims “If the first adult female God of all time made was strong plenty to turn the whole universe upside down all entirely. these adult females together ought to be able to turn it back and acquire it right side up once more. ” In this statement she references the strength of a Christian figure of the world’s foremost adult female. Eve. When she says this statement Sojourner clearly wants each and every member of her audience to cognize to cognize they are emotionally and physically capable of contending unfairness.

Sojourner uses multiple rhetorical tools to prosecute her audience. She uses her personal narratives as poignancy and connects to her audience through her inspirational narratives. When she references Jesus in her address she tries to utilize ethos to turn out her point. She besides uses repeat to prosecute and authorise her audience.

Even though we were non at that place to hear Sojourner’s address we can still experience the authorization and inspiration the address holds. In the address it is clear that she does non desire force to contend for her unfairness she explains that she merely wants equality because she believes that work forces and adult females are non different. Although this address is about woman’s equality she besides explains the injustice African Americans had to endure from. In her address Sojurner Truth easy connects with her audience emotionally and allows them to recognize that do non necessitate this unfairness and merit equal rights.