‘Animal Farm’ is a novel based on the Russian Revolution, about a group of animate beings desiring to arise against adult male. Snowball a smart, carnival and strong leader gets ruled over by Napoleon, an unjust and selfish leader. This was the first mistake in the rebellion. Snowball would hold rebelliously made a better leader than Napoleon. The grounds for this are that he educated the animate beings, had future economic programs and cognize how to maintain a just and smart community.

Snowball truly believes in Old Major ‘s message of carnal equality and shared forfeit for shared addition, and so his thoughts represent an effort to make an every bit on the job farm. Although he portions the early luxuries of the hogs, such as the milk and apples which are kept from the other animate beings, he tries to do things better for the other animate beings with technological progresss like the windmill.

Bonaparte on the other manus was a rather a contrary image, he was selfish cruel and corrupt. He would believe of his and the hogs involvement foremost and so that of the other animate beings and the farm. His manner of opinion was inequality, wholly contrary to the instructions of the Old Major and the Seven Commandments. Napoleon can be equated to Napoleon Bonaparte for his high aspiration and his regulation by fright and force.

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This political sarcasm gives insight into two types of leading ; the democratic, Snowball, and the narcist, Napoleon. They were both leaders of the revolution that happened at the farm in the beginning of the narrative. Napoleon is seen as the rather 1 who spoke seldom and merely when perfectly required. Snowball on the other manus was a smoothie and was able to capture the attending of the crowd with his words. He was full of new thoughts to better the manner of life in the farm. As history has proven a narcissist leader, for illustration Adolf Hitler, is ne’er a good leader. For person to go a good leader the individual has to care about all of the people he is stand foring but when person merely cares about themselves they will go corrupt and shortly their opinion will stop awfully.

Snowball was devoted to the commandments and encouraged the animate beings to follow it to the point. He tries methods to better the manner the animate beings lived by get downing assorted nines and seeking to learn the animate beings to read and compose. Napoleon on the other manus merely adopts a few whelps and Teachs them on private. No 1 in the farm knows what he is up to. A really of import factor in their leading of the farm was that they ne’er agreed with each other. Whenever, Snowball came out with his luxuriant strategies to better farm life Napoleon stood against it. However, most of the clip Snowball was able to win over the support of the animate beings with his magnetic personality and drama with words. He was able to win them over with soothing talk and some sum of logical thinking. He tried to acquire the animate beings involved in the determination devising through a vote system and therefore had a more participative attack to running the farm.

Bonaparte on the other manus preferred to order and direct things. He was non good at acquiring the animate beings on his side with his talk. Because he knew that he would non be in leading of the farm will Snowball was around he got rid of Snowball. He uses another hog called Squealer to talk on his behalf and misdirect the animate beings into believing that everything Snowball did was harmful. Squealer was besides used to state great narratives about Napoleon. Napoleon’s bossy manner of leading, with prevarications and narratives taking the farm, leave the animate beings confused. However, they carry on with their work more passionately than of all time. He is a narcist who makes the animate beings work chiefly for his ain benefit.

When a comparing is made between the leading of these two hogs Snowball comes out as a democratic leader while Napoleon comes out as a dictator. Snowball came out with good thoughts and ever presented it to the animate beings for a ballot. He is a leader who is able to raise the full group, including himself, into higher degrees of morality, motive and motivations. He raised the motivational degree of the farm animate beings with his inspiring addresss and led them to work and contend for autonomy and the improvement of the farm in which he excessively actively participated. On the other manus Napoleon was corrupt and with false claims he forced his determinations on the animate beings. There was no vote or any suggestions taken from the animate beings. They were led to believe that everything that was go oning was for their ain good and made to make dual work with lesser wage. Everything he did eventually ended up in profiting him and the hogs but non the other animate beings of the farm. Because Napoleon merely cared about himself he could non go the greater leader on the farm. Snowball idea of all the animate beings as equal and helped the animate beings but Napoleon merely corrupts the animate beings to acquire whatever he wanted. A narcissist manner of leading is ne’er a good manner to govern because Oklahoman or subsequently the people that the leader is governing over will happen out about his corrupt ways and kick the leader out of his opinion.

Overall Snowball was a better leader than Napoleon. Snowball showed tonss of the properties of a good leader. He was a good talker and hearer, just, gave constructive unfavorable judgment and was a function theoretical account to the other animate beings. On Sundays when the animate beings had their meetings Snowball would give great addresss and do proposals on ways to do the Animal Farm a better topographic point. He declared notes to do certain everyone agreed and listened to other people’s sentiments. However, Napoleon finally decided to call off all Sunday meetings and do his ain determinations without discoursing. If animate beings spoke up and disagreed they would most probably be slaughtered by Napoleons guard Canis familiariss. This is against all ethical motives of good leading. Snowball besides educated the animate beings so that they could accomplish more and learn their following coevalss. Snowball was a much better leader than Napoleon because he enforced instruction whereas Napoleon thought it was unneeded. Education is the key to about everything and if the animate beings could read and compose they would be able to assist out more on the farm and they would acquire a better apprehension of what is traveling on. They could read books on how to run a farm and on the universe as good and write things to other animate beings or people.

The most of import difference between these two animate being leaders is non their behaviour but their beliefs, Snowball believing in what could be described as ‘Democratic Communism ‘ and Napoleon following Dictatorship. This major difference between the thoughts of these two hogs led to the abolition and defaming of Snowball by Napoleon and his Canis familiariss. The clip when Snowball was in ‘Animal Farm ‘ the animate beings saw prosperity and peace, because ‘their leader ‘ wanted to give the animate beings a better life than in that of Jones ‘s clip. But “ Our Leader, comrade Napoleon ” ( pg. 69 ) cared for no 1 else but himself and power, he gave the lower rations to the animate beings than what they received when Jones was their maestro. Earlier the animate beings used to vote on issues but with the ejection of Snowball their vote rights and besides the meeting on Sunday ‘s were abolished, their inspiration “ Animals of England ” was forbidden, the animate beings were brought under bondage once more without their cognition.

The opposing leaders in Animal Farm Napoleon and Snowball were ever contrary to each other and had nil in common other than the fact that they were both good leaders. Snowball has some lead over Napoleon in the sense that he was a much better talker than Napoleon was and he knew how to convert the animate beings. He was an selfless leader who showed bravery and gave moral support to the animate beings. For an illustration, when Boxer had injured a stable manus and everybody thought he was dead Snowball cheered them stating, “ No mawkishness, comrade a war is war ” ( Orwell pg. 49 ) . He truly believed that all animate beings are equal and acted and worked for the comfort of his ‘comrades ‘ , he was a hero.

Snowball is a careful and calculated mind and possesses a crisp mind and endowment for planning and design, the features that Napoleon subsequently takes advantage of. He is unfastened to new thoughts and non easy manipulated, once more things that Napoleon can non accept and grounds why he subsequently drives him from the farm. His expertness is subsequently seen as a menace by Napoleon who will go on to utilize him as a whipping boy after he drives him off the farm. Snowball has great thoughts, he wants to unite and educate the animate beings. Snowball Acts of the Apostless with great courage and bravery traveling into the Battle of Cowshed with great scheme and selflessness. If we desire a society of peace, so we can non accomplish such a society through force. If we desire a society without favoritism, so we must non know apart against anyone in the procedure of edifice this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, so democracy must go a agency every bit good as an terminal.