“I am a swot! ” was the reply of Jim Brooks upon being asked “How would you depict yourself? ” . Siting sideways at her desk. Mrs. Gatewood laughed as she talked to another pupil. The others in the background appeared engaged in their ain aroused conversations about “who did what at the mall” . Jim. on the other manus. looked down at his questionnaire and wondered “How long would this truly take? ” I looked at him and he signaled me to come to the back seats. Tiredly walking to the dorsum. Jim pulled up the arms of his xanthous Polo shirt and sat down on the chair. It was 1:19 autopsy and the temperature was around 60 grades Fahrenheit as I could experience the cold air. through the opened cleft in the glass window. while it touched a portion of the dorsum of my cervix. Jim rubbed his custodies on his blue. denim denims. which distinguished the white adidas places. and looked around the glooming ambiance of the schoolroom while the white clouds gathered in the light bluish sky. His Griselinia lucida shell necklace ( no hint what this is? ) contrasted with his shiny. Ag ticker and his blonde spiked hair stood every bit consecutive as the blades of grass. After settling down following to him. we discussed his past life. avocations. athleticss. friends and I learned about the favourites of this Science Award victor.

Jim is proud to be a member of a loving household. which includes his male parent. female parent and an senior brother. Jim was born on August 3. 1987 in Sacramento. Since so he has lived in the same topographic point sing that “I love my room ; it’s the best topographic point to be! ” Being extremely under the influence of his male parent. Jim wishes to follow his stairss and go a successful individual in life. His male parent. Mr. Dan Brooks. is the frailty president in a private company. “Thermo Genesis” ; so. a loving male parent and ever helped Jim in his jobs. On the other manus. Mrs. Cindy Brooks is a respectful clerk in the exigency room. Jim besides has a 19 twelvemonth old brother. Brian. who frequently looks after him ; he is a sophomore at Sierra Oaks College.

Equally far as he can retrieve. Jim thinks that his great grandparents are indigens of Poland. However. his parents have grown up in Sacramento and hope that when Jim graduates from college. he would settle here excessively. He is proud to be an American citizen and follows the Judaic faith. “It’s non the hours you put in your work that counts. it’s the work you put in the hours” or “Real success is happening your lifework in the work that you love. ” Though quoted by Sam Ewing. these words are followed by Jim’s stamp bosom. Jim loves his household and hopes to go a better individual when he grows up.

Other than his household life. Jim believes that “a good instruction makes a successful adult male. ” Being extremely influenced by his male parent. Jim cares about who he wants to be now. non who he would stop up as in the hereafter. On being asked what he considers as a “successful” individual. his reply was “a successful individual is one who is satisfied and who has turned out as he had hoped for” ; Jim hopes to be one of those “satisfied” people. In the yesteryear. Jim attended Gold River Elementary School. Barret Middle School and soon he is happy being a sophomore at Rio Americano High School. He achieved the “Science Award” for engagement and holding the highest per centum of a 107. 9 % in his 8th class. which makes him experience proud of himself. If given an option to reconstruct the course of study of the school twelvemonth. Jim wishes nil to be changed but “may be we could hold a better landscape. ”

Since kindergarten to the present. the most influential instructor is his eighth class instructor. Mr. Strobel. The instructor taught his pupils to confront challenges and work hard to go a good citizen. Jim described to me the 7th class. English bit book experience where he faced the challenge of procrastinating and had to manage determinations under force per unit area. Jim’s past memories were of a carefree and optimistic nature and now he wishes to work diligently and acquire into Stanford University. He desires to be an anesthetist when he grows up. In short. Jim has a chief end of being successful in life and wants to travel to college and take a bright hereafter.

In add-on. Jim has many avocations and involvements. which include playing athleticss and roll uping illuminations. With the volleyball season nearing. he wishes to tryout for the volleyball squad of our school. His favourite athleticss include baseball. which he has been playing since the past 9 old ages and association football. which has been his favourite athletics since kindergarten. In his free clip. he besides prefers to play racquetball and golf. On being questioned about his avocations. the athlete answers. “I have 6000 baseball cards. ” Jim has had the passion for roll uping illuminations. baseball cards and autographs since he was a child. His favourite baseball participant is Barry Bonds of the Giants squad. “I’m kind of loony so I have 3 postings of him. one of which is life size. in my room. three plaques with cards. and an autographed ball with his signature” . “I besides do a good babysitter” he said when we talked about his occupations ; he likes to baby-sit his neighbour. small Sam. The money that he earns from his twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours occupation is spent on picture games and all sorts of DVDs. As a consequence. Jim is a good jock. who is interested in baseball and aggregations of illuminations.

After discoursing his avocations and household life. I learned about the favourites of this Science Award victor. Jim is extremely interested in Nipponese civilization and believes “It’s reliable and truly cool” . He loves to eat Nipponese nutrient. particularly sushi with rice ; which is so a oral cavity irrigating dish. His favourite eating house. where he finds his favourite nutrient is the “Taiko Sushi Restaurant. ” His favourite topic at school is math and scientific discipline and the best book that he has of all time read is Andromeda Strain by “Michael Crichton. ”

He likes to hear all sorts of music. whether it is on the wireless or a DVD. He likes to have on chapeaus and has a immense aggregation of those at place ; changing in sizes and colour. many of them are simply baseball caps. Jim likes to watch films in his free clip or while disbursement clip with his parents. and his favourite film is “Sergeant Bilko” . Orange is his favourite colour. Upon being asked “How would you depict yourself? ” Jim gave it a batch of idea and replied. “I conjecture I am amusing. helpful and a good pupil. ” Jim has many favourites and is interested in Nipponese civilization.

Other than his studious life he likes to pass clip with his friends and close familiarities. which include his cousins. He has many familiarities. but his best friends include Drew Blythe and his senior brother Brian. “Drew is a batch like me and I get along really good with people that think similar to me…and he’s odd” replied Jim. At school Drew has been his best friend for old ages and both of them get along really good. Upon being questioned what the word “friend” meant to him. he casually replied. “A friend is one who you can ever turn to in instances of exigency and who is a batch like you in your actions. ”

Jim and Drew went to the same simple and in-between schools and now they are once more together in high school. In add-on. they were besides in the same association football squad and have many categories together. At place. he likes to pass clip with his brother and acquire advice from him. Other school and outside friends include Michael. David and Tyler. who have ever been at that place to assist him either in his prep or merely work out daily jobs. He besides likes to speak to his cousins. and whenever they are together they like to play video games or ticker films. Jim is of a friendly nature who likes to be with friends and cousins.

With sights set high and working every bit hard as possible. Jim Brooks has a great personality. He wants to make something that would be regarded as a great accomplishment. and for which he would be recognized and remembered. He loves to pass clip with his household and friends. Bing interested in Nipponese civilization. he wants to travel to Japan some twenty-four hours and larn the linguistic communication. Talking to Jim was a great experience and I learned about his involvements. avocations. friends. athleticss. chief ends and his household. Jim is optimistic about life. hopes that his hereafter will be a promising 1. and his experiences will take him a long manner.