Traits are separating characteristics. or features or belongingss of an person. The chapter discusses the Big Five Model of Personality traits and uses it as an recognized usher to sort personalities. Both Bill and Melinda Gates possessed assorted facets of each class listed within the kingdom of the Big Five. Bill was able to rule the Personal computer universe because he possessed features from the Big Five. He has a strong demand for surgency. which includes laterality. extroversion and high energy with finding ( Lussier & A ; Achua. pg. 37 ) . From early on it appears Bills’ desire was non merely rule his field but be a leader. It is stated in the text that in order to make full leading possible one must desire to be a leader. work to develop those accomplishments and bask it ( Lussier & A ; Achua. pg 38 ) . He was unfastened to new experiences and used others and their experiences and cognition to sharpen his initial thoughts. For case in the assigned reading Gates was described as scratchy and demanding a foreman who encouraged creativeness and recognized employee accomplishments ( Lussier & A ; Achua. pg 64 ) . He understood the value of partnerships and working together with outside entities to obtain his end. He was willing to face others in respects to their thoughts but was besides able to accept unfavorable judgments and tuning on his thoughts. “During the “Bill” meetings “Gates frequently interrupted presentations to oppugn facts and premises ; at times shouting unfavorable judgments and challenges to his squad. ” Another trait from the Big Five that Bill possessed was his ability for Openness to Experience.

He had the eldritch ability to set to different state of affairss and alterations. He was able through his invention which is besides inspired in his staff stay in front of the huge figure of alterations his industry experience ; including the alterations he himself created. He was extremely intelligent He was willing to seek new thoughts and a new and improved innovated manner of looking at the Personal computer universe. which attributed to his success. He besides possessed conscientiousness where he carries duty and achievement traits. Bill Gates founded Microsoft as a partnership in 1981. He convinced IBM to include his runing systems into their Personal computers and in 2004 Microsoft was the world’s 3rd largest public company in front of IBM itself. This proves his accomplishment over the clip in turning the concern stronger and solid. Melinda was a successful laminitis and leader because she possessed the agreeableness personality trait. She had a behaviour that was warm. caring capturing. and compassionate. which made it easy to act upon and carry others to acquire involved. Bill besides shared this trait with Melinda.