Harmonizing to Article II. Section 6 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states that. the separation of Church and State shall be inviolable and Article III. Section 5 provinces. No jurisprudence shall be made esteeming an constitution of faith. or forbiding the free exercising thereof. . The free exercising and enjoyment of spiritual profession and worship. without favoritism or penchant. shall be everlastingly be allowed. No spiritual trial shall be required for the exercising of civil or political rights.

Given the articles of the fundamental law sing the relationship of the church and the province. is the Catholic Church go againsting the rule of the Separation of Church and State by make bolding to talk out against certain measures?

First. what does the separation of the church and province truly means? The separation of the province means that the province does non hold an official faith. It means that the people are free to take in what faith depending in their ain belief. It besides means that there should be no Torahs that shall be base on balls that favors a faith over the other. It besides means that there should be no favoritism of the faith and belief of the people. In short. what the brotherhood of the church and the province truly means is that the citizens should be forced to follow a peculiar philosophy and those that do non follow should be penalized.

We can see from streamers outside of cathedrals the popular phrase “No to RH Bill. Yes to Life. ” But can we see this action as a misdemeanor of the fundamental law? The separation of the church and the province does non advert that church functionaries can non talk or seek to act upon the province policy. Since the Philippines is a democratic state. every individual. group and organisation is free to show their ain sentiment sing certain issues. The church does non coerce people to travel against a certain measures ; the determination still lies in the people harmonizing to their scruples and apprehension. It means that the church is non go againsting the fundamental law since it is merely showing its right to talk in order of its belief.

Given the grounds above. that the Philippines has no province faith and given that the province does non subsidise the church. and that no church has any official entree to the instruments of province power. I believe that the church does non go against the fundamental law and that there is truly a separation of the church and the province.