From 1945-1960. the Soviet Union was more successful in accomplishing its end of distributing communism than the United provinces was at accomplishing its end of incorporating it. Russia straight spread communism to China. the northern half of Korea. and all of Eastern Europe. In add-on. it forced heavy disbursals on the U. S. through the Berlin encirclement. crush the U. S. in accomplishing orbital flight. abashed president Eisenhower with the U-2 incident. and caused wide-spread terror in the U. S. authorities itself.

The U. S. eanwhile secured democracy in states in which it was comparatively easy to make so. and was unable to decently support Korea or China. Russia’s sponsorship of the communist rebellion in China led to the easy and complete triumph over one of the largest states in the universe. This was a complete triumph. with Chiang Kai-Shek. the resistance leader. wholly pushed out of China and into Taiwan. The U. S. did non pull off to incorporate communism whatsoever. and its aid to Chiang Kai-Shek did non assist his triumph. The Korean war is yet another illustration of the U. S. being unable to incorporate communism. even with its ain military personnels.

Although the U. S. pushed the boundary line all the up to China. Chinese military personnels were able to force them down until the cease-fire settled upon the 38th analogue as the division between North and South Korea. Finally. the Soviet Union gained communist leaders in about all of Eastern Europe. every bit good as deriving control of East Germany. This clearly shows that the end of the Soviet Union – distributing communism – was achieved. The U. S. was merely able to incorporate Communism in Western Europe. Western Europe had been the beginning of Democratic authorities. and U. S. engagement in the election of Democratic leaders was little.

Money was pumped into the states via the Truman and Marshall plans. and that simply ensured triumphs which were likely traveling to turn Democratic even without intercession. Other than the actual spread of Communism. the Soviet Union besides achieved propaganda triumphs by establishing Sputnik and in the U-2 incident. The launch of SPutnik was a complete surprise to the U. S. . and greatly surpassed the current proficient abilities of the U. S. at the clip. Its beeping was a changeless and easy found reminder to non merely the American people. but people all over the universe. that Communism could win in making great nd successful undertakings.

During the U-2 incident. the Soviet Union managed to abash President Eisenhower by doing him look like a prevaricator. He had signed an understanding that there were to be no more U. S. surveillance planes over Russia. but the 1 that he left was shot down by the Russians. The endurance of the pilot caused even more embarrassment for EIsenhower by coercing him to acquire Gary Powers back. This painted Eisenhower to the universe as a prevaricator. and as untrusty. These two events were immense propaganda triumphs for the Soviet Union.

In add-on. the failing of the U. S. overnment was exposed through the Red Scare. H. U. A. C. blew past the fundamental law doing it practically worthless. and hence showcased the delicate balance of power that a Democratic authorities must keep in order to work decently. In decision. the Soviet Union’s triumphs in China. Korea and Eastern Europe combined with the propaganda successes that were the launch of Sputnik. the U-2 incident and the Red Scare. show that the Soviet Union clearly achieved their ends. This accomplishment hence demonstrate the clear victor in this successful state in this subdivision of the Cold War.