Corporate civilization is the collecticve behavior of people utilizing common corporate vision, ends, shared values, beliefs, wonts, working linguistic communication, symbols and system.

It is the unwritten value-set that direction communicates straight or indirectly to the employees and they all know and work under.

Harmonizing to Edgar Schein, one of the most distinguished theoreticians of the organisational civilization, organisational civilization can be described as:

“ A form of shared basic premises that the group learned as it solved its jobs of external version and internal integrating, that has worked good plenty to be considered valid and hence, to be taught to new members as the right manner to comprehend, believe, and experience in relation to those jobs ”[ 1 ]

Corporate civilization can besides be defined as:

“ A set of common apprehensions around which action is organized, . . . happening look in linguistic communication whose niceties are curious to the group. ”[ 2 ]

Louis defines the corporate civilization to be:

“ A set of apprehensions or significances shared by a group of people that are mostly silent among members and are clearly relevant and typical to the peculiar group which are besides passed on to new members. ”[ 3 ]

“ A system of cognition, of criterions for perceiving, believing, measuring and moving. . . that serve to associate human communities to their environmental scenes. ”[ 4 ]

Another definition of organisational civilization stated by Trice and Beyer:

“ Any societal system originating from a web of shared political orientations dwelling of two constituents: substance-the webs of intending associated with political orientations, norms, and values ; and forms-the patterns whereby the significances are expressed, affirmed, and communicated to members ”[ 5 ]

Every company has its ain civilization or value set. The corporate civilization of an organisation is normally created unconsciously and is based on the values of the top direction or on the values of the laminitiss of the company.

The corporate vision is a summed up formal vision statement that describes what the company intends to go in the hereafter and the company has to put realistic and accomplishable ends in order to win. It is the overall end that all concern activities and procedures should contribute toward accomplishing. Ideally the work force should be committed to, and driven by the vision because it is the staff who makes it go on. When the current vision is achieved or nears accomplishment, a new corporate vision or an development of an bing one should be established.

The corporate ends are the specific aims that the organisation commits to achieve in order to accomplish the corporate mission and organisational aims. The corporate ends can be short term and long term ends. Short term ends can change from the clip determined for them – twenty-four hours, hebdomad, month, twelvemonth and as short term ends, they can differ for every company. Consequences from short term are highly relevant to the accomplishment of the company ‘s long term ends or aims.

The shared values as described by J.Kotter and J. Heskett are the of import concerns and ends that are shaped by the most of the people in the group, that tend to portion group behavior and that frequently persist over clip even with alterations in group rank.

Categorizations of Organizational Culture

There are several categorizations of the organisational civilization:

Open civilization – in this type of civilization the direction has faith in the employees, between the direction and the employees there is an unfastened communicating and the direction is tolerant. This type of civilization is referred to a broad leading.

Closed civilization – is more conservative, it counts on the hierarchy, the ordinances and on control. This type of civilization is associated with a dictatorial leading.

Strong civilizations – exist where the employees respond to stimulus because of their alliance to the organisational values. In a strong corporate civilization all directors portion a set of comparatively consistent values and methods of making concern and all new employees adopt these values really rapidly. Organizations frequently after doing a statement of their shared values known, promote their troughs to follow the statement. The values of a strong civilization tend non to alter after a alteration of direction is done. Strong civilizations create an unusual degree of motive in employees – their shared values and behaviors make people experience good about working for the house and do them experience loyal to the company.

Weak civilization – it is found where there is small alignment with the company values. A weak civilization is when employees in an organisation do n’t hold on the same values and beliefs that are applied to the organisation and people tend to their ain beliefs and behavior. In a weak civilization control must be exercised by regulations, extended processs, supervising and bureaucratism.

Corporate civilization has been classified by other writers. A categorization made by Charles Handy[ 6 ]divides organisational civilization in four types:

Power Culture – it is a civilization that concentrates power among few and the control radiates from the centre like a spider web. The power is spread out from the top individual or group.

Role Culture – there is a extremely defined organisational construction and all the employees have determinated governments.

Undertaking Culture – in this type of civilization there are squads that are formed and their undertaking is to work out peculiar job or jobs.

Person Culture – in this type of civilization all persons believe that they are superior to the organisation.

Another categorization was made by Deal T.E. and Kennedy A.A. in their book Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life. They made a corporate civilization theoretical account based on four types of civilization and they have divided those four categorizations of corporate civilization based on the footings Feedback and Hazard:

The tough – cat butch civilization – with rapid feedback and high hazard ;

The work hard/ play difficult civilization – it has rapid feedback and low hazard ;

The stake your company civilization – it has slow feedback and high hazard ;

The procedure civilization – with slow feedback and low hazard ;

Hofstede ‘s Culture ‘s Consequences: International Differences in Work Related Values identifies five dimensions of civilization:

Small vs. big power distance – In civilizations with little power distance, the employees accept easy advisory and democratic power dealingss. In civilizations with big power distance, more dictatorial attacks are expected.

Individualism vs. Bolshevism – in individualist civilizations people develop their ain associations, while in leftist civilizations, people act as a member of a group.

Masculinity vs. muliebrity – in the maleness cultures people value aspiration, fight and the aspiration of going affluent, while in muliebrity civilizations relationship and quality of life are most valued.

Weak vs. strong uncertainness turning away – in civilizations with strong uncertainness turning away, determined regulations are what people prefer. In this type of civilization employees tend to retain their topographic point in the current occupation. In civilizations with weak uncertainness turning away more flexible regulations are preferred by the employees.

Long vs. short term orientation – In long term oriented civilizations employees value the attitude that affects the hereafter, while in short term oriented cultures the attitude that is valued is affected by the present or the past.

Of class those are non the lone categorizations of corporate civilization made by theoreticians. There are a batch of them, but the footing is included in the above mentioned.

Degrees of Corporate civilization

The corporate civilization can be analyzed at different degrees. Harmonizing to Edgar Schein there are three distinguishable degrees in the corporate civilization:

Artifacts – the seeable organisational constructions and procedures ( difficult to decode ) .

“ Artifacts include the seeable merchandises of the group, such as the architecture of its physical environment ; its linguistic communication ; its engineering and merchandises ; its artistic creative activities ; its manner, as embodied in vesture, manners of reference, emotional shows, and myths and narratives told about the organisation ; its published lists of values ; its discernible rites and ceremonials. ”[ 7 ]

Artifacts are besides the organisational procedures, the structural elements of the company and fundamentally the formal descriptions of how the organisation works.

At this degree of civilization it really easy to detect but really hard to decode.

Espoused beliefs and values – strategic ends, doctrines ( espoused justifications ) .

“ All group larning finally reflects person ‘s original beliefs and values, their sense of what ought to be, as distinguishable from what is. When a group is foremost created or when it faces a new undertaking, issue, or job, the first solution proposed to cover with it reflects some person ‘s ain premises about what is right or incorrect, what will work or non work. ”[ 8 ]

This degree is based on the announced civilization of the organisation ‘s members. The espoused beliefs and values are company mottos, mission statements and other operational credos. They are frequently expressed within the organisation. These values can frequently be helpful in a manner of conveying the group together, because they may function as a beginning of individuality and nucleus mission. It is a common pattern that those espoused beliefs are expressed in a company ‘s web site.

Underliing premises – unconscious, taken-for-granted beliefs, perceptual experiences, ideas and feelings ( ultimate beginning of values and action ) .

This is the deepest degree and here the organisation ‘s mute premises are found. Schein asseverates that the implicit in premises grow out of values, until they become taken for granted. He says that:

“ When a solution to a job works repeatedly, it comes to be taken for granted. ”[ 9 ]

Schein besides affirms that the basic premises have become so taken for granted, that it is difficult to happen within a member of a group small fluctuations.

Those basic, implicit in premises frequently exist even without the cognition of the organisation ‘s members.

Schein describes the basic premises as a mean to “ what to pay attending to, what things mean, how to respond emotionally to what is traveling on and what actions to take in assorted sorts of state of affairss ” . He besides makes an illustration on how unconscious premises can take to unwanted terminations by exemplifying a common Asian employee ‘s behaviour while working with American director. The illustration shows the consequence organize the contradiction between different cultural traditions.

Corporate Culture of a Bulgarian Organization

Different civilizations have really different ways of pull offing people. Some civilizations prefer the advisory nature of determination devising. They engage a work group or include all the employees of the section to do a determination. This type of direction is known as ‘management by consensus ‘ . A batch of western companies try to follow Asiatic ways of consensus direction. It is even said that adult females will be the better hereafter directors since they build more easy consensus and common ends than traditional male directors.

Another tendency, forced by the retrenchment of the direction ‘s beds of the company, has introduced a new manner of doing determinations – employees have to utilize their ain enterprise, without confer withing with their higher-ups foremost. The intent of this tendency is to go forth the company merely with a top degree of directors and with front-level directors and employee that have direct contact with the clients and the populace. This authorization is a new signifier of direction control by which directors would be able to command more easy the operations and they will guarantee that the general concern program is followed purely.

History of Mobiltel

Mobiltel is the first and largest GSM Mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. It was found in 1994 as a joint stock private company and is presently the market portion leader in its operating sector.

In 1995 The company was accepted as a full-right signer to the GSM Association and the M-Tel GSM Network of Mobiltel AD has been commercially launched.

In 1997

Mobiltel AD commercially concluded rolling contracts with 40 GSM operators from 30 states. The GSM Network ensured coverage of the chief Bulgarian metropoliss Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and Pazardgik. Mobiltel ‘s endorsers were 15A 100.

In 1998 the figure of Mobiltel ‘s endorsers at the terminal of January reached 16A 800. M-Tel Trading, a company of Mobiltel, was founded as an sole trade representative of the Bulgarian GSM operator. The company of Mobiltel – GPS Bulgaria, was founded for development and launch of Global Positioning System services, integrated with the GSM web, on the district of Bulgaria. The company of Mobiltel – Teleport Bulgaria, was established with the purpose to concept and work the first VSAT web in Bulgaria.

In 1999 Mobiltel registered 257.4 % subscriber growing compared with the same period the last twelvemonth. For the old twelvemonth the rated growing of Mobiltel ‘s endorsers is 320 % . The company ‘s gross rose 159 % . Harmonizing to Wall Street Journal ‘s magazine Central European Economic Review, that is the 7th best consequence among the companies in Central Europe, and the 2nd best consequence among the GSM operators in the part. Mobiltel ‘s GSM web provided 60 % coverage of the Bulgarian district and 85 % coverage of the population and reached 100A 000 endorsers.

In January 2000 Mobiltel AD reached its 200 000th endorser, in June the endorsers were 300A 000 and in November they were 450A 000.

In the twelvemonth 2001 together with Capital Municipal Council and the Foundation aˆzFuture for Bulgaria “ , Mobil Tel supports the gap of a new wing of the 50 Thursday primary school “ Vassil Levsky “ . The company donates 50 1000 Leva. In April on the footing of the determination of the Sofia City Court some alterations of the construction of the house have been recorded. “ Mobiltel ” AD is restructured to a exclusive portion society with two-stage system of regulating and with exclusive stockholder “ L.L. TelecommunicationHolding B.V.

In October 2001 the first millionth endorser of Mobil Tel has been registered. Bulgaria celebrates one hebdomad along with “ M- Tel “ , a particular squad of the company organizes a batch of games with awards during the two hebdomad circuit in the state.

In June 2002 The Club of Trade Leaders – Madrid awarded to “ Mobiltel ” the Golden Trophy for Quality – the award is presented for the virtues of the company in bettering the quality of client service. And in December, M-Tel was chosen as Company of the Year harmonizing to Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade.

In 2004 M-Tel launched Mobile Internet and WAP over GPRS and reached 100 % signal coverage of the Sofia Subway. The company changed its ownership for a‚¬ 1.2 billion. On September 21st, 2004, M-Tel has registered its 3rd millionth endorser

In 2005 M-Tel supported The Hematology Center. Equipment for more than 200 000 levs will procure the intervention of patients, who have been subjected to the organ transplant of marrow. And in July Mobiltel became portion of Mobilkom Austria Group. The acquisition became the largest foreign investing in Austria ‘s economic history.

In 2006 Superbrands Bulgaria appointed M-Tel as the best trade name in Bulgaria.

In May 2007 Mobiltel became the first Mobile operator in Eastern Europe with a certification for accurate appraisal of the services, used by the clients. The certification is issued by BABT ( British Approvals Board for Telecommunications ) and secures the bill rightness, as the likely mistake is merely 0,002 % . And in the same twelvemonth Mobiltel became general patron of “ The museums and galleries ‘ dark ” in Plovdiv. The event comprised 40 exhibitions and museum expoundings.

In 2008 an unfastened competition for societal undertakings started Mobiltel within the new plan Grant M-Tel. The nomadic operator starts a run to research undertakings for integrating and socialisation of deprived people. Together with that M-Tel started activity plan about short figure 1788 back uping four societal causes.

Subsequently that twelvemonth M-Tel becomes societal responsible company of the twelvemonth within the enterprise of Pari Daily, The ministry of labor and societal policy, Association Partnership for corporate societal duty ( APCSR ) , the plan for development of OON and the Association of the industrial capital in Bulgaria. The nomadic operator is been awarded among 200 rivals at the first in Bulgaria national competition for the most active company in the country of the corporate societal duty.

In June 2009 Mobiltel receives the honorary head-of-state mark by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria the highest honorary mark of President is an award for the particular virtues of Mobiltel company in the domain of social-responsible policy, for its charity plants and for its part to the development of Bulgarian athletics and civilization.

Since today the company has ever offered the newest high – tech solutions to private clients and endeavors. Their societal political relations has helped them go the most influential telecommunication company in Bulgaria.

The company ‘s public presentation can be illustrated with Hewitt analysis.

Engagement and concern consequences

Hewitt analyzes since 1994 the connexion between employee battle and market success. The consequences show unambiguous correlativity in the instances of most of the fiscal indices.

Companies are analyzed by Hewitt based on the undermentioned facets:

feedback from the employees

people direction constabularies

position of the top direction

Battle at Mobiltel is 58 % in 2008 which is 17 % higher than 2007 ( 41 % ) .

Battle in 2009 is 65 % – 7 % higher than 2008. This consequence puts the company in the Performance zone.

Peoples at Mobiltel have greatest satisfaction with co-workers and line directors. They like their work activities and the work environment ; besides believe they have the necessary resources to be every bit productive as possible.

Mobiltel ‘s Strengths

Support from line directors

Good dealingss with co-workers

Company repute as an employer and on the market

Satisfaction with preparation and development

Employees basking their daily work undertakings

Benefits program meets employees demands good

Mobiltel ‘s Opportunities

Peoples to experience they are being treated like valued members of the company

Employees to comprehend their wage as just and reflecting their part

Work processes to let employees to be every bit productive as possible

The sentiment of Mobiltel ‘s employees is based on the undermentioned inquiries:

Question: Your satisfaction of working environment

Question: What is your appraisal of Mobiltel ‘s working conditions compared to other companies

Clearly established lines of communicating in Mobiltel makes it easy for everyone to show their thoughts and give feedback to their directors, wherever they work. And you ‘re ever kept up to rush with all of the latest company intelligence excessively.

The Company ‘s vision, ends and beliefs

The Company ‘s Brand

The universe today is progressively based on connectivity, communicating is more of import than of all time, and engineering continues to offer new ways to portion experiences and seek to take limitations on communicating. As a taking Mobile operator in Bulgaria, Mobiltel is happy to be a supporter of this scene and to be the connexion to the universe of 1000000s of people. This is a duty that gives the company the power to alter things together in a way that makes life easier and more pleasant. The ability to implement the belief that the organisation is genuinely utile, made people believe in the company and that is why together the name M-Tel was affirmed to be the largest community in Bulgaria. The values that guide the organisation proved to be shared by 1000000s of people. Innovation, trust and sense of community are non merely constructs, but a world that has the power to unify. The assurance, with which Mobiltel defends these values, makes the direction believe in the hereafter and ever look in front. Because each of the company ‘s accomplishments becomes portion of every individual ‘s life, portion of their ain success. That is why M-Tel will go on to be a community to which people in Bulgaria most wish to belong.


With all the proficient inventions we make life easier, more dynamic and modern. The belief that the company can be utile in any minute inspires them in the debut and execution of new engineerings. Courage, with which the organisation acts, and the speedy direction reactions, makes the company a portion of the universe. The duty that the occupation is good done and the consequence of holding made 1000000s of people happy is what makes the company feels satisfied.


Trust creates the chance to pass on freely and creates a new universe. The company is happy because the religion of so many people made it a portion of their success. Common trust is what provides the necessary insurance to be ever echt and unfastened. Trust is the force that turns the regard and attention for every individual individual in existent action. Because it is the clients can ever trust on the company.


Community is a topographic point of shared thoughts and values. The privilege to be portion of it provides repose, assurance and at the same clip creates a sense freedom and requirements for more chances. Communication is what each community is based on and therefore the company ‘s relationship with people is their chief value. The immense duty to unify the largest community in Bulgaria makes them listen to each voice. And what genuinely makes the company happy is cognizing that clients find their topographic point in the organisation ‘s community.

M-Tel brings together the largest community in Bulgaria

Trust has the power to unify. Millions of people chose to trust on the company and therefore gave the chance to the company to assist them pass on, portion feelings, see the fantastic minutes, to get the better of troubles. All those people have recognized themselves in the organisations trade name and thereby M-Tel became the largest community in Bulgaria. The company unites people who are able to see the kineticss of clip, people who have the power to take life into their ain custodies and to find their ain hereafter. The clients trust was won because the company has been honest and open in pass oning, friendly and antiphonal to every action they takes. Thankss to the assurance that all their clients pass a ballot of, the company continue to develop and supply the most direct manner of pass oning to any individual who relies on them.

Quality of service

Market rules in the telecommunications concern today requires from the company high quality service, professionalism and regard for every client. In this facet and to help all sections in the company, working straight with clients, general criterions for quality of service have been implemented in order to supply first-class quality of service. Achieving and keeping this first-class quality in long-terms is the chief end of the general criterions that are based on the bing experience within the company and the universe ‘s best patterns.


Each employee in the company works with clients on a day-to-day footing, whether they are users of Mobiltel ‘s services, co-workers, spouses or providers. Therefore the company believes that the developed criterions will be good for both sides. Guarantee for the success of the new construct is that all forces works together to heighten the clients ‘ satisfaction.


When you enter Mobiltel you get into a edifice with unfastened office architecture, you see the company ‘s frock codification and manners, a really dynamic environment, and a high rate of interaction among employees, apparently reflecting enthusiasm, strength, energy, and restlessness.

The furniture in the anterooms and offices is functional, and the company was largely headquartered in an old industrial edifice that had been converted for their usage.

The company canteen is spread out into a large unfastened country where people are sitting at big tabular arraies, eating and speech production and evidently are intensely involved in their work

even at tiffin.

The company is organized in footings of functional waies – Technical, Finance, Marketing and Gross saless. However there is a hunt in functional units for a construction that would “ work better. ”

There are several degrees in the company ‘s hierarchy and the hierarchy is to be taken really earnestly. It is the same with the communicating construction.There are many commissions for determination devising and a batch of meetings organized on a day-to-day footing.

The company has an electronic mail web that maps in a group of Telecom Austrian members, which is a new tendency that allows all the employees to be linked by e-mail and enables them to collaborate over the Internet even without go forthing their current office. Of class there are applied scientists and directors that travel often and are involved in Group ‘s meetings, which are held every twosome of months.

All the employees of the group are judged by what they contribute to the company alternatively of the clip they spend on every undertaking.

In the organisation there is a mixture of different civilizations – Bulgarian, Austrian, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian.

Espoused beliefs and values

The clear and common ends make the Group successful participant. The group motto is ‘Think globally, move locally ‘ .

Corporate ends in Mobiltel are clearly defined. It is the Top direction that set ends, creates company ‘s vision and trades with long term issues. They are cascaded from Top direction to Divisions, from Divisions to Departments, from Departments to Sectors and from Sectors to Employees.

The payment of all employees on those degrees depends more or less on the accomplishment of the corporate ends. At the same clip there are single ends for each employee and their fillip depends on the fulfillment of these ends.

Employees in the company are responsible for believing what they are making, but they need to listen to what their superior says.

The company ‘s doctrine is to make friendly atmosphere among its employees by developing squads in every division that are formed to execute certain undertaking or a end. It is a common practise that different sorts of events are conducted every month: such as squad meetings, squad edifices etc. Such events tend to unify different people ( even from different states ) , help employees acquire to cognize each other better and make a nucleus that is productive, efficient and friendly oriented. Common used method is brainstorming which helps employees by heightening their abilities to make solutions to different jobs ; it affects the quality and measure of thoughts created by a squad.

Underliing premises

All employees in the organisation interact with each other and know that they are more efficient when working in a group. It is a taken for given belief that they will be rewarded for the company ‘s prosperity. Besides it is common unconscious perceptual experience that each employee should lodge to the established regulations and practises.

As a consequence of the strong corporate civilization, the implicit in premises help employees make determinations more easy and of course.

Mobiltel can be classified as a Strong, Open Culture Company where the employees agree with the organisational values and have an unfastened relationship with the direction. It can be besides classified as a mixture of a Power and Task civilization since the power is concentrated among few, but there are squads who occupy with peculiar jobs.

Mobiltel is one of the largest companies in Bulgaria and it is a perfect illustration of a company with strong corporate civilization, clearly defined ends and vision.