Music is one of the countless arts that stand for the universe as it is and sometimes much better- what it should be. Aside from this platitude. the universe of music is being torn between legal issues of buccaneering and what others claim to be the built-in natural rights of persons who would desire to listen to music- free entree. The cyberspace provides one of the most free entree portals for those who would desire to hold the music of their pick. but the inquiry remains- is it ethical to acquire something for free when it is lawfully established to hold a tendering value?

In more simple terms- is it ethical to steal music online? Joseph. Francis. Angelo. Kairos. Karina and Angelina have been friends for about a decennary now. They met in their high school old ages. now they have decided to prosecute different waies for their college instruction. Joseph entered college under a plan of concern disposal ; Kairos pursued a similar class under the plan of economic sciences. Karina and Angelina who both shared deathless passion specialized in two major art topics. Karina studied humanistic disciplines and letters ; while Angelina enrolled in a plan of music.

Angelo. the techno understanding of the group enrolled to be an information engineering specializer someday. And in conclusion. Francis the most important of them all enlisted in the constabulary academy to go a member of the constabulary force someday. All of them are happy in their pursued lives. but there are things that remain the same –their friendly relationship and their enthusiasm to listen to music. It became a wont for them to run into up during weekends to catch up over dinner. portion a twosome of laughs and travel back to their bad lucks and merriment times when they are still in high school.

In one of their dinner at Kairos’ topographic point. they chose to play a concert picture of Alicia Keys ; but so something happened to Angelina… ( against ) Angelina: Kairos. this is a nice DVD where did you acquire it? I did non cognize that they have already released this 1. ( pro ) Kairos: They already have that one in Danton’s record saloon down the street. but it is reasonably expensive. I did non purchase it. Angelo got it. ( jesting ) it is no secret…our friend has reasonably cool fast ones in forepart of a computing machine. ( pro ) Angelo: Hey adult male. halt boasting about it.

I might stop up downloading whole twenty-four hours for these cats. It is pretty deadening adult male. if it’s non free. I won’t bother at all. ( pro ) Kairos: Hey Angelina. are you ok? Do you experience something incorrect? Or are you merely excessively mesmerized with the glorifications of downloading? ( against ) Angelina: You’re unbelievable… ( pro ) Karina: Hey Kairos. I think you hit a wrong…very incorrect button. ( pro ) Kairos: huh? ( against ) Angelina: You are incredible! You are to occupy calculating how much you can salvage you became a common stealer. ( pro ) Kairos: Are you serious? What did I make?

( against ) Angelina: You have practically stolen something and yet you act as if nil happened. You and Angelo you both favor convenience without its duties. ( pro ) Kairos: I did non steal anything ; make non set that on me. Angelo is the 1 who downloaded. But still. I can non see your point why you are ham it uping. ( against ) Angelina: Sooner state. I will indulge you and downloading confederate in the deductions of what you have done. shall I acquire started? Downloading is stealing because- ( Angelo interrupts ) . ( pro ) Angelo: It’s free. acquire a computing machine and associate it to the cyberspace.

You will happen there it’s free ; you can non steal something which is free. That’s the glorification of it. free downloading it is Free and logically it will be free even from your so- called duties. ( against ) Angelina: That is non the point. the point is merely like any other signifier of art Alicia Keys’ concert is the consequence of her difficult work and even painstaking efforts to make something model beautiful. You stole that from her by non purchasing the original transcript of her concert and choosing to download a mere extra of her work.

( pro ) Kairos: Last clip I checked entering companies. harvest off a batch from the original transcripts. non the creative person. The competition between record labels is excessively superficial for ordinary citizens. merely like me and Angelo to buy the original transcript. Original transcripts are excessively expensive ; it is like a monopoly of record labels. monetary values do non vie. And with what I learned. the recording industry without competition is no longer feasible as a signifier of market. ( against ) Joseph: Excuse me. but I think the likes of you and Angelo are the ground for the addition in the monetary values of original transcripts.

Companies compensate for their losingss from free downloads and other signifiers of buccaneerings. Kairos. above everyone else in this room you should cognize that. your analyzing economic sciences right? ( pro ) Kairos: Yes I am. what you are stating is net income devising. I am standing on the impression of free. ( against ) Francis: Come one adult male. what you claim to be free as contested by Angelina is non free at all ; I think. you are utilizing the word in a incorrect manner. ( against ) Angelina: You can non financially categorise the plants of others for your benefit. It is true that the music industry is extremely privatized.

And it has a really good ground to make so ; music is private in the sense that it is the fruit of the instrumentalist and vocalist. The monetary values are high merely because music is an invention in its simpleness. The creative activity of an invention is one thing. but guarding and protecting it from the likes of you and Angelo is another thing. ( pro ) Karina: I don’t cognize for music which is extremely commercialized. I think persons who want to entree into a signifier of art should be allowed to make so every bit long as it is permitted by the creative person. I doubt that a existent creative person would deny such privilege.

( against ) Angelina: Karina. you are an artist yourself or at least person who is draw a bead oning to be. How can you make your dreams if your early first stairss are being trampled by buccaneering such as that experienced by get downing out instrumentalists in free music downloading? ( pro ) Karina: Pirated plants are normally that of already “made” stars. free downloading has minimum effects to get downing instrumentalists since their plants are non at that place in the first topographic point. Web sites do non host unpopular music files. As a affair of fact. merely 1 % of web sites have more than 50 % of the general traffic in the cyberspace.

In short. get downing sets are normally and likely exempted. ( pro ) Angelo: What Karina told is true in both statistics and even in logic. Angelina. some get downing sets even welcome the thought of being pirated merely because it is a good locale to be established in the music industry which is dominated by bigger music labels. ( against ) Angelina: No affair what statistics you would utilize. it is unethical because it is stealing in the first topographic point and will everlastingly be stealing. ( against ) Francis: It is true that it is stealing but merely through a different manner such as the cyberspace.

That difference makes some persons assume that they are making nil incorrect. but really they are. ( pro ) Kairos: Well. we can look at this issue through multi positions and that what makes it debatable. We can reason sing this issue for a long clip. but however we will ne’er get at a common land. ( against ) Angelina: So guys. since the subject can be debated indefinitely can we merely leave the subject entirely and go on to populate harmonizing to our rules and promise to compromise in the presence of another beliing rule?

( against ) Angelo: Hey. what friends are for? All agreed to give up on the argument and merely bask the remainder of the dark with narratives that would let them to catch up with each other. Their circle of friendly relationship grew stronger after such a healthy argument ; all of them without freedom learned to compromise. Impact Statement: The issue of free downloading music through the cyberspace can be debated on different point of positions and get downing points. Due to this nature. up to day of the month the argument whether music should be a free endeavor at some degrees is still questionable.

Issues on it being ethical are non entirely problematic in the visible radiation of being a free endeavor or a private rational belongings ; it can besides be debated on the positions of economic sciences and profiteering. There are states that allow free downloading of music such as China. so in footings of citizenship in relation to the issues on moralss behind free downloading of music the states opinion are still the terminal of it all. No affair how long arguments can be. it can merely impact public sentiment ; nonetheless the jurisprudence will still keep. After watching this group of friends argued on the subject.

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