Created in 2004, by 2007 Facebook was reported to hold more than 21 million registered members bring forthing 1.6 billion page positions each twenty-four hours ( Needham & A ; Company, 2007 ) . The site is tightly integrated into the day-to-day media patterns of its users: The typical user spends about 20 proceedingss a twenty-four hours on the site, and two-thirds of users log in at least one time a twenty-four hours ( Cassidy, 2006 ; Needham & A ; Company, 2007 ) . Capitalizing on its success among college pupils, Facebook launched a high school version in early September 2005. In 2006, the company introduced communities for commercial organisations ; as of November 2006, about 22,000 organisations had Facebook directories ( Smith, 2006 ) . In 2006, Facebook was used at over 2,000 United States and was the 7th most popular site on the World Wide Web with regard to entire page positions ( Cassidy, 2006 ) .

In world, we can non deny that about 55 % of the universe ‘s populations are captivated to internet services, particularly nowadays Facebook. Whether 1 is in category, at work, Facebook and e-mail histories must be checked on a day-to-day bases. After the innovation of Facebook, people who do n’t hold Facebook history may do a surprise and a daze to their friend who do hold. However, it may besides floor Facebook users when they know that their parents have a Facebook history, particularly if it ‘s their female parent, or their grandma. Jessi Hempel stated in his article “How Facebook is taking over our lives”

“The fastest-growing demographic on the site? Women 55 and older, up 175 % since September 2008. Cynics might state that if Granny is on Facebook, the site perfectly has jumped the shark. Quite the reverse: Having a wide swath of users is precisely what Zuckerberg wants. The arrical of an older, less web-centric crowd suggests that he has succeeded in doing the site easy to use” .

As an illustration, my female parent does hold a Facebook history. In my sentiment, it her right to hold a Facebook history. However, no 1 can fault her. The on-line life has become so of import to mankind that one is ready to pass $ 2,000 on a computing machine and another $ 20 every month for cyberspace service ( Leonard, 1999 ) . In add-on to that, the cyberspace has grown so broad and popular that it has turned into an on-line New York City where people try out, do a hit, and acquire celebrated ( Wasik, 2009 ) .

As we all know, the World Wide Web is do up of package ‘s. Facebook is one of these package ‘s, while electronic mail is of import package. Leonard, in his article “We ‘ve Got Mail Always” , discusses the advantages and disadvantages of electronic mail. He claimed that electronic mail can be a approval or a expletive, depending on the state of affairs. While on the other manus, Leonard states that electronic mail is low-priced package, that might even assist others happen the 1s they love, and at the same clip it collapses distance among people. Harmonizing to what I ‘m stating, Meghan Daum stated in her article “Virtual Love” , how she got over her shyness, through e-mailing a adult male. After a piece, she realized that cyber universe is much more different than the existent universe. At that point, she decided to stop the relationship.

As I mentioned before, Bill Wasik compared Facebook to New York City. He intend by this comparing, how fast can person go celebrated through societal webs, and how rapidly person celebrity could be faded off when a new face appears on the web, unlike New York City. In other words, cyberspace is a new manner to go celebrity, but I can ne’er replace New York City. I personally believe that societal webs, such as Facebook, and e-mail histories are in a blooming phase ne’er seen earlier. Facebook, announced earlier this twelvemonth, that they have more than 30 million endorsers, and about every educated individual have an e-mail history. Those untrue worlds can be every bit bad as good for their several users. They can be good because they make people closer to each other, extinguish the geographical distance and reunite old friends together. However, these same tools should be harmful by going habit-forming or occupying others private lives. In fewer words, societal webs and electronic mails are a medallion with two sides.