Yesterday there is a prey question go around Foxbridge, the prey is about limestone. Different people from different group have done the question, lots different sentiment has said by the people from the different group. A interpreter from the populating limestone company said that the prey will make tonss of occupations for local people, which can diminish the figure of people who don’t have a occupation and more local occupations would convey more people to populate in Foxbridge, so they can pass some of their money in the small town. A caput instructor of Foxbridge Village primary school said the school is threatened with closing because they have so few kids, and that the prey can assist the school acquire more pupils, because the quarry workers may travel to the small town, so their kids can travel to their school. the local sheep husbandman said that they trusting to purchase the land of the proposed prey, because it is really fertile and suited for turning many harvests, and that can increase their twelvemonth income for turning more and better harvests.

The prey can do new people come into the small town, the Parish Council member says that the new people come into the small town can assist out with the Parish Council. The pupil who analyzing GCSE economic sciences analyse that last twelvemonth in Britain, we exported more limestone that we imported. So we made money from selling limestone and can assist the economic system. But besides the prey besides will be a smudge on the landscape. So people will halt sing the small town and non passing their money in the stores. So we can see the prey can convey a big consequence on the economic system. The Populating limestone company interpreter besides says that after they finished delving they will make a fishing lake from the prey, which can profit the local people and their amusement. The undermining keeps some local immature people off the streets and off from intoxicant and cigarettes ; this will be a good advantage. But the prey besides can convey some societal jobs.

The prey will be noisy and dust-covered, its can impact the quality of student’s survey, and besides bring disadvantage to the husbandmans. During the prey, immense Lorries will go through the house and do inconvenient to people who live in the street. The prey may besides damage the resistance cave system around Foxbridge, the caver says that the blasting could do accidents if people were in nearby caves at the clip. The large job with environment is that the prey can impact local wildlife. The Visit Foxbridge interpreter says “we have a responsibility to continue the beauty of the country for the future.” Which means the prey can destruct the area/village, and affect that less tourers come to the small town every twelvemonth.