Economists and more exceptionally macroeconomist usage a big assortment of agencies in their attempt to analyze and explicate the operation of the economic system over a certain period of clip. One of their greatest concerns is the finding of the wealth created in a state during a twelvemonth, which in other words is the GDP. The National Income besides known as the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) is an instrument used by the National histories: which is “ the model that summarizes and categorizes productive activity in an economic system over a specific period of clip, [ a twelvemonth ] ” ( Melvin, B. 2005, 123 ) , to gauge the entire economic activity in a state. It measures in fact the “ market value ” ( Beardshaw, J et Al, 1999, 85 ) of all concluding goods and services produced in a twelvemonth within a state ( concerned entirely with mensurating the pecuniary flow ) . Indeed, we will see that the GDP can bespeak the “ pulse ” of a state ‘s economic system, but is it a good index of people ‘s public assistance and felicity? Herein, we will later see how the GDP is calculated, what it represents and eventually which indexs could be more appropriate to mensurate people ‘s public assistance and felicity in a state like the UK.

In theory there are three ways of mensurating the GDP. Through the production/output attack, the outgo attack and the Income attack. As an aggregative step of the entire end product in an economic system, GDP ( O ) can be measured as the summing up of the value added generated through the production of each businesses/ industries in the economic system. By summing up the added value or Gross Value Added in the production procedure of each houses, we avoid making the error of “ dual numeration ” the production of a same good. In the UK economic system, the appraisal of the GDP by sector in 2009 was as follow. ( See figure 1 )

The GDP ( E ) , through the outgo attack, which is besides the measuring used by authoritiess, estimates all the outgo of all the economic agents in the economic system. It is the amount of “ costumiers ‘ outgo ( C ) , the domestic investing ( I ) which represents the gross fixe capital formation ( GDFCF ) plus authorities concluding ( G ) and the Net exports ( Z-X ) ] ” ( Curwen, P, 1990, 28 ) . Its equation is as followA Y= C+I+G+ ( X-Z ) .

Figure 2: Gross Final Outgo at current monetary value: portion by class of outgo of the UK economic system in 2008.

In 2008, UK families ‘ ingestion represents about half of the entire concluding outgo ( 48.1 % ) , whereas the authorities disbursement was merely ( 16.6 % ) , Exports of goods and services ( 21.5 % ) and Gross Capital formation ( 13 % )

Beginning: ( Bluebook 2009, 28 )

The last method to cipher the GDP is through the Income attack, where the national histories estimates all the income paid by houses to families for wage as service for factor of production. Harmonizing to Curwen, P. the GDP is the “ Sum of all incomes from employment [ aˆ¦ ] gross trading net incomes of companies, the gross trading excess of public corporations and general authorities endeavors, rents [ .. ] , plus the physical capital happening in the exact twelvemonth ” ( 1990, 28 )

Figure 3: UK Real GDP quarterly growing 2004-09 ( Q4 )

The general tendency shows that UK GDP was victim of a large economic crush from twelvemonth 2008. The Economy grew by 0.3 % in Q4, compared with a autumn of 0.1 % in Q3 in 2009.

Beginning: ( Statistical Bulletin, A Office for National Statistics ( 2009 ) )

In theory, these three ways of ciphering the GDP have to give the same consequences but in world the consequence are non equal and another algorithm is used to put them equal. Hence, to sum our consequence, here is a quarterly figure of the UK GDP from 2004 to 2009.

Real GDP quarterly growing

Simon Kuznets the Godhead of GDP, in his study to the US Congress said that the “ The public assistance of a state can barely be inferred from a measuring of national income. ” ( Europe options, 2010 ) . Yet the GDP is still used as the chief index of economic growing and public presentation. What does it neglect to account? First of wholly, it is unable to account goods and services without market because the minutess it histories are those reported to the authorities. For case when a homemaker helps cleaning the household house, it is non taken into history by the GDP but yet it is a service. As good, leisure, Literacy, felicity and every qualitative facets of the economic system are relinquished by the GDP. Furthermore, the GDP does n’t accounts “ the belowground economic system ” ( Europe options, 2010 ) , for illustration in some states drugs are immense hard currency harvests, nevertheless the GDP does n’t accounts illegal economic activities in the national income computation which consequences in a downward unjust appraisal of the GDP of those states.

Additionally outwardnesss are forgone in the GDP computation like, environmental issues like pollution and healthcare conditions. Furthermore it is obvious that people are better off in a crimeless society or a society with low offense record but if the offense information rises, the GDP would non lift nor autumn every bit good. Thus there is no correlativity between these two factors. Robert Kennedy, US politician besides said of the GDP that “ it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile ” ( Europe options, 2010 ) . So how can we mensurate what “ makes life worthwhile ” ?

First of wholly, we can get down looking at the GDP per Head/per Capita. To obtain the GDP per caput, we divide the GDP of a state by its population which is a more dependable index than the GDP as it indicates income per individual ( per caput ) in an economic system.

Figure 4: The UK GDP per caput

The GDP chained volume measured per caput “ rose by 0.1 per cent in 2008 compared to 1.9 per cent in 2007 ” . ( see appendix 3 )

Beginning: The Bluebook ( 2009 )

It is so a good figure to analyze the criterion of life which is chiefly income based but once more does non give a existent figure about people ‘s public assistance nor felicity. This is when comes the construct of “ welfare economic sciences ” which looks at the quality of life and the equity ( Bergg D et al,2005,277 ) . Henceforth, GDP per capita is like a “ physician mensurating the wellness of a state utilizing a step [ by ] taking the blood force per unit area of a patient as the primary index of good wellness ” . ( Anielski, M, 2001, 2 ) .

In an article published in the “ The Guardian ” it is said that “ Peoples in the UK have a worse quality of life than many of their European opposite numbers despite gaining more money ” ( Guardian ( 12/10/2009 ) . The manager of consumer policy at Ann Robinson added that there was “ more to good life than money ” , and the UK had “ lost all sense of balance between wealth and well-being ” . She besides said: “ For excessively long the focal point in the UK has been on criterion of populating instead than quality of life ” ( Guardian ( 12/10/2009 ) . Consequently, focal point has to be laid on the quality of life instead than the criterion of life.

Figure 5: The HPI

This index measures the grade of felicity of states through parts. Hence, we see that Americans are more Happy than Africans and that the UK is besides Happy State

Beginning: ( Wiki advancement, 2009 )

Nowadays new steps could be used to find the public assistance and felicity such as, the Genuine Progree Indicator ( GPI ) , the Gross National Happiness ( GNP ) , the Index of substainable Economicss public assistance ( ISEW ) , the “ Human Development index ( HDI ) ” , and the “ Happy Planet Index ( HPI ” ) and batch more. ( Wiki advancement ( 2009 )

Image: World Map of Happiness.png

Let ‘s look at one of these indexs for case. The GPI theoretical account examine if a “ state ‘s growing, increased production of goods, and spread outing services have really resulted in the betterment of the public assistance of the people in the state ” ( The Environmental Magazine, May /June 1999, 15 ) . To give a figure of this measuring outside the UK, Linda Baker in the “ the Environmental Magazine ” once more discussed that the disparity between the GDP and the GPI was so high that “ the US GPI has declined by 45 per centum in the past two decennaries [ whereas the GDP showed ] dual economic growing rate since the early 1950s. ( May / June 1999, 15 ) .

In decision, we can state that despite the restrictions of GDP, it is still by and large accepted as an index of economic wellness and “ health of a state and its society ” ( Bhola, G, 3/03/08 ) but however other indexs are more relevant and should be to the full implemented for they are more dependable and precise. It is really hard to happen the appropriate index that measures all the facets of a state ‘s public presentation particularly happiness which can postpone from cultural and personality. Now, it could be interesting to see what the other indexs such as the GPI failed to mensurate every bit good?