1. Make you hold with Machiavelli’s premiss that if given the pick between the two. the prince is better served by being feared than loved? How does Machiavelli do the instance for his place ( inside informations. manners ) ? Are his statements converting? If you took the soul-searching on high-Mach or low-Mach. what were the consequences. and were you surprised by your mark? 2. What is the thesis of Neil Postman’s frontward? Do you hold or differ with his point of position? Provide support for your place. 1- The prince is better feared than loved. although striking a balance between the two would be best. As Machiavelli stated that the prince should make his uttermost to get away hatred and excessively much fright would make hatred. The prince should seek to equilibrate love and fright based on his people and the state of affairs at manus.

2- Both writers have different point of positions ; Orwell’s position is that we will be deprived of things by externally imposed subjugation and by bring downing hurting while Huxley’s position is that we will be distracted from our existent ends with lecherousness and pleasance. I agree to some extent on both points of positions. except for the portion that states that what we hate will destroy us. If you hate something that is bad so I don’t see anything incorrect with it ; I don’t believe it can destroy us in any manner. On the other manus I agree that lecherousness and desire merely lead to greed and other wickednesss which corrupt us. Would clip going be cool?

Time going would non be cool. In fact many scientists have done a batch of research on black holes and clip deflection. Einstein did work on it every bit good as Stephen Sawking to no help. Actually Stephen changed his theory on the black holes losing and retaining information twice. If clip going was possible we would be unfastened to endless chances and nil would be a challenge. Life would be stale without surprises. finds and development.