Strenghts |Weaknesses | | | | | |A well-recognised brand all over the world, the firm is considered |Bad reputation since 1997 because of picture showing child word in | |as a one of the major manufacturer of athletic shoes, sports |Pakistan. |equipment |Very expensive prices in comparison with its competitors | |Established a long time ago |Limited to ordinary quality products | |Has a diversified range of sports products |Provides poor working conditions and tends to exploit cheap | |Good quality of products |workforce overseas | |Famous people represent the brand |Violated overtime laws and minimum wage rate in Vietnam, in 1996 | |(Michael Jordan) which help to reinforce its credibility |Contracts overseas companies that involving child labour. | |Is in the top 3 of climate-friendly companies | | |Is a very competitive organisation | | |Has no factories; they produce high quality product at the lowest | | |price wherever they can. | | |Operates in more than 160 countries around the world.

They employ | | |directly or indirectly 1 million people which includes more than | | |30. 000 employees across 6 continents. | | |Has well planned Suppliers Diversity program that create more | | |competition in the supply chain | | |Acquisitions and re-branding: Converse Inc. 003, Starting Athletic | | |Clothes, 2004, Umbro, 2008 | | |Opportunities |Threats | | | | |Diversify its products in order to make them less ordinary |Social strikes | |Sponsoring all kind of sports |The current economic crisis | |Technological development |High competition | |Producing sportswear from manufacturing waste |Counterfeit | |Implementing of eco friendly projects |Takeover bid on Reebok by Adidas | |Has opportunity to produce accessories such as sunglasses and |Is exposed to international nature of trade; they sell and buy in | |jewelleries |different currencies so costs and margins are not stable in long | |Emerging markets such as China and India |term | SWOT Analysis of NIKE