Once. there is immature adult male who wished to hold a good life. a great household he can name his ain and offspring that he wanted to portion his life with. During his bachelorhood. he would normally sit on his terrace and think of these things. Old ages went by and he was able to get married the love of his life. the queen of his bosom. He shared with her. his dreams when he was still a unmarried man and together. they made that individual simple dream come true. Under the clear bluish sky of Paris. they both decided to hold a household of their ain. raise childs and be good parents.

Soon after. their dream materialized and was blessed with a boy. Bing the sort of adult male that he his. he wants to raise his boy the same manner that his parents did to me. He would read to his boy narratives that deal with courage. bravery and regard to others. They were both a loving parent to their boy they would give him all that he desire if it is the best for him. When he was a twelvemonth older. his male parent wants to model his boy into the sort of adult male that he is. They would frequently travel out together and bask things that boys truly do enjoy. Old ages and old ages passed. the boy was already adult.

He had finished college. had a unafraid occupation and is meaning to get married his college girlfriend. They got married after several months of readying and finally tire their ain kid and a grandchild to their parents. The life rhythm was already completed. The rhythm of human life is concatenation and so it needs to be fulfilled step-by-step in order to get at the finish line. Upon the birth of their boy. they were able to fulfill their impulse of holding a kid and raise it the same that their parents did to them. They were able to carry through the dream of their parents’ who wanted to see small kids running around the lawn.