Life is what non it’s cracked up to be. Certain. it sounds like good. but finally we all encounter desperation. failure. agony. defeat. the being unloving of our ain Black Marias and of those around us. and eventually decease. Experience tells us even the best facets of life are finally disappointing.

Probably the most important inquiry we can inquire ourselves is what the most of import thing in life is. The inquiry has far making deductions in that the replies that we arrive at can find the class of the remainder of our lives. Many would see money or fiscal success as the most of import factor in life. The high rate of self-destruction amongst lottery victors would belie this. Others would seek for celebrity. yet the list of celebrated people who have committed self-destruction or died from an overdose of drugs continues to turn. Good wellness would be high on anyone’s precedences. and the presence of love in 1s life is besides of major importance.

I would suggest that wisdom is the most of import thing in life. The best definition of wisdom that I have read is “the best agencies to accomplish the best ends” . Wisdom is needed to accomplish the best consequences in the countless determinations we all need to do day-to-day in our personal. fiscal. household. work. community lives. Each one of us has a alone mentality or set of beliefs which are continuously altering and which we use to do determinations. each of which has important axial rotation on consequence on how the remainder of our lives turn out.

These mentalities are determined by the alone environments we have grown up in. our age. our instruction and the cumulative impact that each life experience has had on us. Our alone mentality is either working in our favour or working against us in each and every state of affairs that we face. One manner that we can prove how on-line our thought is in a peculiar state of affairs is to look at the consequences we achieve as a consequence of the actions we took. Good consequences means our regulating beliefs were on-line. bad consequences means that we need to re-evaluate our beliefs to find what caused the negative result.

I would suggest that life is really much like a game and that a comparing between the two is really edifying. In any game. you need to be fit. possess certain accomplishments and have a good cognition of the regulations in order to take part. In life. we need to hold a good cognition of the regulations that apply and to utilize this cognition continuously in order to measure and do determinations in every state of affairs that we face. The more intensely we play the game of life. the better our cognition and application of the regulations. the better the consequences we will accomplish. much like a football participant who is skilled. trains difficult and knows the regulations.

During the class of our lives we progress from being dependent on our parents for nutrient and shelter and emotional support. to being independent as we become immature grownups. We learn to do determinations for ourselves. and as we see the consequences of our determinations we get feedback and the attendant experience adds wisdom to subsequent determinations. The following phase is to develop relationships with others. or mutuality. and it is through these relationships that important personal growing can happen. Many of us nevertheless have a low sense of ego esteem which holds us back in associating to others.

We look at the consequences we have and are accomplishing in our lives. If our consequences are unsatisfactory. we reassess our beliefs and do accommodations to our actions. Additional feedback is our emotions like fright. choler. sadness. letdown etc. Our mark is to take a joy-filled. intense yet balanced life. taking to continually increasing wisdom.

On the other manus. most of us need to wind off and acquire off from our feverish agendas from school. work. and other things that keep us busy. Like other immature grownups. they hang out in bars to hold some merriment but in my instance. I instead go to the beach or in the mountains with my household to pass clip with them and at the same clip to remember. meditate and appreciate the creative activity of God. Each topographic point has its ain beauty that attracts my attending. I love nature that much. I am thrill and experience aroused every clip I gaze their natural beauties. These are the topographic points where I can chew over. recollect and reminisce my yesteryear or the things I do antecedently.

I like traveling to the beach if I want to happen enjoyment and merriment. I like the beach a batch because the zephyr is really fresh. When I am in the beach. I enjoy remaining under the heat of the Sun while reading my favourite book and the Sun makes my skin sunburn and endearing to look at. I besides feel free and at easiness. I can have on excessively my favourite swimsuit. When I am in the beach. it gives me an chance to surf and play beach ball games which I can non make when I am at place and school. I besides bury myself under the sand as a kind of relaxation and therapy to my organic structure and when I do that. it gives me a kind of alleviation. Traveling to the beach besides gives me an chance to run into new set of people from different walks of life.

On the other manus. traveling to the mountains is besides an interesting thing to make. It is fun and escapade. If I want to be on my ain and don’t privation to be disturbed by people. I instantly go to the mountains. The air there is every bit fresh as in the beach but it is non crowded with people. I can merely happen trees and animate beings. The chirps of the birds truly animate me and desire to populate life to the fullest.

It makes me recognize. excessively. that though birds live merely. they are happy and contented with their lives. They don’t inquire for more but happy of what they have. This is the perfect topographic point for speculation and for escapade. I am free from air and noise pollutions from the metropolis where I live. When I am on the mountains. it gives me an chance to kip early and helps me wake up excitedly the following twenty-four hours to hold a alert walk or mount some cragged countries.

Furthermore. as a broad reader. I love to read detective and inspirational books. These would assist me develop my critical thought and analyze why things happen that manner. Hence. I besides like the plants of Shakespeare particularly the narrative of Hamlet. Considered as one of the greatest of Shakespeare’s calamities. Hamlet is besides one of the best-known dramas in universe literature. It is distinguished to be one of the first of its sort of being particularly a “philosophical play” . in add-on to holding a assortment of metaphysical and psychological theories. Although retaliation calamities already existed during and before its clip. Hamlet best exemplifies the genre of Elizabethan retaliation.

A centre of many statements is the evident hold of Hamlet’s retaliation. Critical treatment of this supposed cunctation has a long history. Goethe thought Hamlet excessively sensitive. Coleridge and A. W. von Schlegel excessively intelligent to be capable of action. The early 20Thursdaycentury English critic A. C. Bradley saw him as restrained by melancholia. the 19Thursdaycentury German scholar Herman Ulrici by moral consciences ; the Freudians viewed him as excessively complex-ridden to kill his uncle ( “Hamlet” ) .

This facet of Hamlet’s behaviour is seen either as a defect or a virtuousness. The narrative contains four boies of murdered male parents ( Hamlet. Laertes. Fortinbras. and Pyrrhus ) . but Hamlet differs from the three’s chase for retaliation. He even goes every bit far as shaming insanity in order to hide his existent agitation and divert attending from his undertaking of retaliation. The topic of retaliation. which is one of the focal subjects of the drama. transcends every genre. for there is a Hamlet in every one of us.

As Hamlet in the narrative suffers pain and heartache as a consequence of the fortunes environing his father’s decease. the usurping of the throne and by the treachery he felt from his mother’s remarriage to his father’s brother. Hamlet is so filled with the quandary of whether to take retaliation against the offender. Suffering and heartache as a effect of unfairness and subjugation is every bit old as man’s history. Even during the class of the drama. Hamlet’s torment alienates him from all those around him. even though he has a close friend to confide with. Such interior convulsion is merely expressed in his monologues but unknown to those around him. Surely. the deepness of agony is known merely the most by the 1 who suffers.

How people diversely respond to such torments is showcased in the play’s narrative. Most frequently. it is the common desire to move as the three other immature work forces ( Laertes. Fortinbras. and Pyrrhus ) did — prosecute their undertaking of retribution with pitiless single-mindedness. However. Hamlet’s state of affairs is far more complicated. This shows that so. retribution is far from simple. While it seeks to revenge by bring downing hurtingforhurting. Shakespeare’s Hamlet shows the hazard of retribution.

All those who sought retaliation died. Hamlet’s loved 1s ( such as Ophelia ) . those whom he could hold sought consolation and comfort. and himself besides died. They became victims of Hamlet’s foolhardy fury as a consequence of his deflected and unrealized desire for revenge. Revenge hence. sinks both the wrongdoer and the retaliator. drawing down along with it the inexperienced person. It is a carrier of devastation. While most revenge plays justifies the retaliator by stressing him or her as a victim. Hamlet’s character hangs a inquiry above it.

At the really nucleus of retaliation is bitterness. and is like a ‘rotten apple that spoils the whole bunch’ . It has destroyed everything that’s good in Hamlet and made him much more evil than his stepfather. The danger of revenge is to make greater injury than what was received. No 1 overcomes evil. with evil. Before resentment could make its injury. it is best thrown out. Truly. Shakespeare’s Hamlet speaks to every person in every genre. sinceALLof us must go through through a clip of doing that pick:

TO BE ( acrimonious ) OR NOT TO BE ( bitter ) ? Thatso is a inquiry we all must confront.

In add-on. I believed that I am a 1 of a sort individual so the stating or quotation mark that would decidedly depict me is “The Grateful One” . The ground I chose this quotation mark is because this is what I perceive myself as and this is what other people think about me excessively. Not all people are being appreciative and grateful of what they have in life. Some of them would merely be thankful when things go swimmingly and when they can acquire the things they want. But through the old ages and seasoned with proving and fortunes. I have learned that I should be thankful in every manner ; therefore. thanking those people who have helped me determine my character non merely those people who brought positive impacts in my life but including those people who have hurt me.

It is so irony to be thankful for those people who have hurt me but to some grade. their negative actions toward me do me strong as an person and learn to depend on God. I have learned. excessively. that I should non merely be grateful during the times when my spirit is uplifted but every bit good as the clip when I am besides down because I believe that everything has a purpose why things happen and during those glooming yearss of my life. I was able to chew over and see the true beauty of life ; therefore. demoing me who are my true friends are.

Furthermore. I ne’er let the twenty-four hours base on balls without being appreciative and grateful to every people I meet. I may non straight say thank you to them but at least I would state them that I appreciate to be with their presence. But most of all. I will continually be thankful to God for giving me a household and parents who are really supportive and truly inculcated that good behavior. Actually. I come from a strong Christian background and my household tells me. systematically. to ever admit God and to retrieve where my approvals come from. I am what I am today because of them.

Though I am really active with my academic calling and civic organisations. I had this experience before that wholly learn me a lesson. It teaches me how to listen some advices from others particularly from our parents. This is my other side. To allow travel of person you in a heartfelt way love is really painful to make. The strivings cause by stoping relationship is really intolerable. Some people may happen their universe tear apart when they realize that their relationship with their spouse is non traveling good. I have had this relationship in the yesteryear that truly Markss in my bosom and in my head. I do love this individual really much despite of his failings and defects but many people around us do non like the thought of being us together.

At first. I try non to give ear to their remarks and sentiments because of my love for my spouse. But in a long tally. I decide to name it quits because I find out that my spouse is holding an matter with other adult male ; take note. it’s a “man. ” It genuinely hurts me a batch because he exchanges me to a adult male! It is a large smack my on face. That is the first factor I consider when I break up with him. He is non trusty and faithful. I merely strongly believe that a adult female is meant to be with a adult male and a adult male is meant to be with a adult female.

Though I live in a liberated universe but I can non merely take and stand with this sort of thought that is holding an matter with same sex. When I break up with him. I feel so much freedom that I ne’er been sing when we are still together. I don’t know why I feel that manner. but that is how I truly experience. I feel like a bird being imprison in a coop for a long clip and has the opportunity to be released. When my friends particularly my parents learn about it. they are really happy and relieve. They don’t merely like my spouse because they can smell something fishy on him. After the interruption. I feel such joy in my bosom and experience more beautiful indoors.

Furthermore. many people think of personality as being made up of discernible traits such as shyness. friendliness. and inaugural. However. such traits are merely the outward look of assorted interior conditions and procedures such as intelligence. attitudes. involvements. and motivations. Normal individuals develop comparatively consistent personalities that are distinguished by certain dominant traits.

Persons belonging to the same cultural group—such as a household or nation—have many traits in common. But each individual exhibits different traits under different fortunes. and each has alone traits every bit good as those he or she portions with others. It is besides known that personalities develop throughout life. and may even undergo cardinal alterations as consequence of psychotherapeutics or other intervention.

Furthermore. personality is produced by the interaction of heredity and environment. Inborn qualities affect the individual’s response to the outside universe. and the environment influences the manner in which congenital capacities develop. However. the precise grounds why one individual develops certain personality traits. while other develops other traits. are non known.

What you have known to yourself is non known to others. They merely base their judgements on what they see and that is your personality. Basically. the intervention of people on you depends on how you carry yourself. through your calm when you are annoyed and how you dressed up yourself.

An illustration of this is how you dress up yourself. Don’t wear apparels that will give others a ground to knock and non esteem you at all but instead wear apparels that would actuate them to esteem you as a individual because if you would wish to be respected. pay regard foremost to yourself by have oning apparels decently.

I have observed that people that I meet pay me respect because of the manner I dress and talk to them. I have a figure of experiences that with respects to how I dress up and deriving regard from others. They find my personality respectable because of how I act and how I carry my apparels.

Another thing. we can non deny that there is ever prejudice and biases wherever we go. Peoples will handle you nicely or give you particular intervention if they find you attractive or appealing but if you are non attractive to their eyes. they will merely disregard you as if you do non be. It normally happens in large and known section shops or any constitution. If you wear brassy apparels and really attractive to look at. the sales representative will entertain you really good and gives you a welcome smiling but if you wear merely a simple frock and you are non that attractive. there is a inclination that the sales representative will non give you a just intervention. She/He might believe that you can non afford the material they are selling and why does she/he trouble oneself entertaining you?

There are times excessively that attractive people are ever popular and they are respected because of their good looking visual aspects. Furthermore. many people would be overzealous to them and may copy their manners. Just like the actresses and histrions that we have in the past and at present. Because of their personal appeal. many people would seek to copy and woolgather to be like them. But if you merely have a field face. there is ever a inclination that people would do merriment of you. So we can non deny that in this universe. most people are looking merely for the outside visual aspect and they forgot to look what is in the bosom.