“What I Intend to Accomplish as a result of This Course” During my time in the Wellness center, I am going to work on decreasing my body fat. After completing many labs, I conclude that I’m completely unhealthy, which I already knew, but it was confirmed for me. So I’m mainly aiming just to become healthy at this point. I will aim to have decreased my body fat by four or more percent by the end of this semester. To reach my goal, I will do something to increase the intensity of my workout every week.

I will maybe start off by increasing the frequency of whatever exercise I’m doing, in a certain amount of time. Then increase the intensity, the next week, and the following week do the exercise with the increased frequency and intensity together. I would do this for each different exercise I do. I am going to work with pretty much all of the Cardio machines. I am going to perform at least twenty minutes of cardio exercises every workout, increasing the intensity level each time. I will perform fifteen minutes of the circuit exercises, increasing the level f intensity and frequency each time, and I will perform at least ten minutes of repetitions with dumbbells each workout, increasing the frequency level each time. My goal for now or my short term goal, is just to strive to become a healthy person. I will do so by completing each one of the exercises I listed above. I am determined to include exercise in my everyday lifestyle, so I’m confident I’ll reach my goal. I plan to go beyond just becoming a healthy person within the next couple of semesters, but tone up my body and become a fit person also.