One of the chief jobs that scholars of English as a foreign linguistic communication ( EFL ) confront is how to better their reading comprehension proficiency. Indeed, this is the concern of both EFL scholars and instructors in Iran since it is the major schoolroom activity in the Iranian educational system particularly in pre-university. It has even gained more importance in recent old ages during which the Iranian academic English text editions particularly pre-university English text edition shifted toward reading comprehension ( Hayati, 2009 ) . In add-on, Reading accomplishment is needfully required in the Persian university entryway test which most high school and pre-university alumnuss need to go through. Reading can be seen as an “ synergistic ” procedure between a reader and a text. In this procedure, the reader interacts dynamically with the text as he/she tries to arouse the significance. Reading is an of import constituent of larning a 2nd linguistic communication for assorted grounds. One major benefit of reading is that pupils can command the velocity at which they read a really of import psychological, emotional, and cognitive variable in larning a complicated new accomplishment. In add-on, they can read in privateness. Good reading texts can besides present interesting subjects, stimulate treatment, excite inventive responses and supply the springboard for all-around, absorbing lessons which help scholars consolidate their cognition of linguistic communication ( Harmer, 2007:99 ) . Language pupils need big sum of comprehendible input, and reading stuffs provide the most readily available beginning ( Chastain, 1988 ; Harmer, 2007 ) . In other words, Reading is a agency of acquiring information from different beginnings including scientific and literary books and diaries every bit good as the cyberspace websites in an EFL context. Learners can non comprehend information through reading, unless they comprehend and process the text expeditiously ( Harmer, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Pakhare ( 2007 ) and Phan ( 2006 ) , the grade by which a transition or text is understood is called “ reading comprehension ” . Comprehension improves through the usage of methods which include developing the ability to self-assess comprehension, utilizing some inquiries to set comprehension to the trial, and bettering meta knowledge. An active procedure of comprehending is called reading which a selective procedure is. In the yesteryear, reading was considered as a linguistic communication larning procedure in which the instructors used the reading stuff to learn vocabulary and grammar, now reading is considered as a communicative procedure in which the end in larning to read is intending ( Birjandi, Mosallanejad and Bagheridoust,2006, pp. 212-213 ) . Sing reading as a procedure instead than merchandise influenced the ways of proving EFL scholars ‘ reading comprehension. Different trial types have been developed to mensurate scholars ‘ reading comprehension among which cloze-tests have been preferred. Cloze process foremost appeared in the work of Wilson Taylor ( 1953 ) , who studied the effectivity of cloze as in instrument for measuring the comparative readability of written stuffs for school kids in the United States. Research so turned to the public-service corporation of cloze as a trial reading proficiency among native talkers ( for illustrations of this early work, see Bormuth 1965, 1967 ; Crawford 1970 ; Gallant 1965 ; or Ruddell, 1964 ) . During the 1960ss, surveies were besides done on the value of cloze as a step of overall ESL proficiency ( for overviews of this early L2 cloze research, see Alderson 1978 ; Oller 1979 ; Cohen 1980 ) . Research workers such as Rashid ( 2001, p. 10 ) conclude that cloze trials are dependable for mensurating the linguistic communication proficiency of ESL pupils. Chinese bookmans ( Tao, 2004 ; Li, 2004 ; Zhu, 2004 ) recognized cloze processs as a really efficient agencies of mensurating integrative English linguistic communication competency. Farhady ( 1994 ) divided cloze-tests into three major types ; criterion cloze trial which is defined as an appropriate transition of around 250 words with every 7th word deleted. Harmonizing to the psycholinguistic categorization of the trial signifiers from the trial taker position ( Farhady, et al. , 1994 ) , the standard cloze trial would be categorized as comprehension/production type trial in written manner. Multiple-choice type cloze trial is the most common type of cloze trial that aims at mensurating pupils ‘ comprehension ability. All the features of the standard cloze trial are applied to the multiple-choice type as good. The difference, nevertheless, lies in the fact that in multiple-choice cloze, pupils are non required to bring forth a set of words to finish the transition. Rather, they are provided with three, four, or five picks for each space and are required to choose the most appropriate word from among the given picks. The 3rd type of cloze trial which varies from the firs two cloze trial types in instrumentality is unwritten cloze trial. The unwritten cloze trial nevertheless, is given in unwritten signifier and puts a heavy burden on the short-run memory of the trial takers and deficiencies practicality. Each of the three major types of cloze trials has many assortments which can be used both for instruction and testing intents. Although much research has been devoted to reading comprehension ( Block, 1986 ; Anderson, 1999 ; OaˆYSullivan, 2003 ; Aarnoutse and Schellings, 2003 ; Li, 2004 ; Yang, 2006 ; Hayati et al. , 2010 ) , small information is available on the function of utilizing these five assortments of cloze trials to further EFL scholars reading public presentation. Furthermore, the first four assortments are a direct signifier of cloze-test and consequently can further the EFL scholars ‘ public presentation on the cloze trial which is proved by empirical surveies. Khalili ( 2006 ) , for illustration, investigated the influence of utilizing reduced redundantly texts on EFL scholars ‘ reading public presentation and the consequences revealed that their public presentation excelled after the intervention. His research was conducted on advanced EFL scholars and he urged the demand for farther probe in different degrees. To cast some visible radiation on this issue and because of the salience of Persian EFL scholars ‘ reading comprehension on their academic success, the present survey will look into the consequence of practising with redundantly-reduced texts on Persian pre-intermediate EFL scholars.

Statement of the job

Although Persian EFL scholars are provided with different reading texts during their academic instruction particularly in pre-university which the aim is largely reading comprehension, bulk of the L2 pupils may neglect to pull strings reading texts. Pre-university pupils ‘ hapless public presentation in multiple-choice cloze trials is the grounds of this lack. It is believed that this is largely because of deficient pattern with activities which activates L2 scholars ‘ knowledge. So utilizing activities such as redundantly loaded texts which can trip L2 scholars ‘ knowledge and actively prosecute them in reading comprehension procedure might non be irrelevant to their public presentation on multiple-choice cloze-test ( loosely used reading comprehension trial ) . Therefore, the inquiry is raised as follow:

RQ: To what extent does practising with redundantly-reduced texts affect Persian pre-university scholars ‘ public presentation in multiple-choice cloze-test?

To prosecute equal replies to the above research inquiry, the undermentioned nothing and alternate hypotheses may be proposed as follows:

Holmium: practicing with redundantly reduced texts does non significantly affect Persian pre-university EFL scholars ‘ public presentation in multiple-choice cloze trials.

H1: practicing with redundantly-reduced texts may hold positive consequence on Persian pre-university EFL scholars ‘ public presentation in multiple-choice cloze trial.

Aims and Significance of the survey

Reading comprehension has ever been of paramount importance in Iranian educational system, and comprehension of both general and academic texts has been the purpose of many educational centres for old ages. It has even gained more importance in recent old ages during which the Iranian academic English text editions particularly pre-university English text edition shifted toward reading comprehension. Unfortunately, none of the academic English text editions provide scholars with sufficient activities and EFL instructors take this load. To this terminal, this survey tries to assist EFL scholars improve their reading comprehension proficiency by traveling beyond the mechanical and traditional activities in reading comprehension. Practicing with redundantly-reduced texts which is underpinned by cognitive psychological science, can be considered as an alternate reading comprehension supporter. This survey may be good for course of study interior decorators, text edition authors every bit good as EFL instructors at pre- intermediate degree pupils.



This research will be conducted through the engagement of 40 pre-university pupils.


A pre-test ( cloze transitions from TOEFL ) are utilised merely to witness the initial reading comprehension proficiency of the scholars in each group. During the direction, twelve redundantly-reduced texts which had been chosen from TOEFL cloze transitions on the bases of Fog ‘s index of readability and certain figure of words inserted indiscriminately were provided for experimental group.


The undermentioned stairss are followed in the procedure of carry oning the survey. At the beginning of the class, a multiple-choice cloze transition trial as a sample of reading proficiency trial ( TOEFL ) , will be administered to all two groups, one experimental and one control group, in their first session of reading class to guarantee the homogeneousness of the topics. In order to increase the preciseness of the consequences and to command every bit many as immaterial factors as possible, the homogeneousness of the instructional stuff, class aims, whole-term course of study and even the day-to-day lesson planned will be purely controlled. The following measure is to carry on the experimental intervention. Two groups will work on the same reading stuffs of the pre-university English text edition while the lone difference which is the focal point of the survey was that the instructor provided the experimental group with redundantly reduced texts each session. The control group lacked such reading activities and received conventional reading activities. The intervention period on the experimental group takes about 6 hebdomads ( two 30 infinitesimal Sessionss each hebdomad ) .

Over a period of the survey ( i.e. 12 Sessionss of direction and two Sessionss for pre- trial and station trial ) the same instructor will give a post-test including a multiple- pick cloze transition trial as a sample of reading achievement trial to experimental and command groups at the terminal of the semester to see which group performed expeditiously. The experimental and control groups public presentations on the multiple-choice cloze transition as a sample of reading proficiency trial agencies will be compared through T-test. In the subsequent analysis, a reading proficiency post-test selected from ( TOEFL trial ) will be administered and the T-test was utilized to compare the obtained adjusted agencies. After hiting, descriptive statistics will be performed on the trials, including mean, standard divergence, and discrepancy.