At first. I think literacy has two significances. The first significance is civilization or civilisation and the 2nd significance is the ability to compose and read. Both intending are really similar. they are related to cultural cognition. But in today’s society. literacy non merely means civilization. The construct of information literacy is people can efficaciously utilize and acknowledge the information. Besides. people can redefining and measure themselves in today’s information society. By reading Nunberg’s Teaching Students to Swim in the Online Sea. I think the construct of literacy is the spoting ability of people. Nowadays. much cognition is deducing from Internet. These are 2nd manus stuffs. non the primary beginnings. Some resources are non true. The manner every people think of the Web is really different. It tests their discerning abilities.

Like most people judge the credibleness of a web site by its outward. The information literacy means to be able to efficaciously place. measure. and utilize the information. Besides. the information literacy is spread outing to include the map. media. and some electronic text. The information literacy has a deeper significance. Students are extremely familiar about web site and hunt engine. They are efficaciously incorporating the construct of information literacy into their acquisition plans. For me. I think the information literacy is good for college pupils. Because it can assist them acknowledge when the information is needed. they have the ability to utilize the information. Literacy information is progressively of import in college life. Students faced with diverse. rich information every twenty-four hours. It was a large challenge for them.