The grounds why PPPs have become so popular is better direction of the authorities budget. By advancing PPPs a province can win better Macroeconomic public presentation ( Sparkaman 2006, pp 288-289 ) . By go forthing portion of investing to the populace sector, the authorities addition from toll or grant fees. Government choose PPPs on public adoption, as a public adoption cost more because of the future revenue enhancement in the economic system ( the revenue enhancements should increase ) , demand in the economic system, ( by puting in public goods some other services might non be offered and the cost of borrowing might be really high ) . On the other side the authorities can lose the flexibleness to react to dazes in the instance when puting in public substructure goods, and might reply faster to floor when it has a good budget, when go forthing the investing to PPPs. Last PPPs aid keeping macroeconomic aims that a authorities set, like the degree of adoption.

As Katz ( 2006 p 4 ) says there is a better whole-of-life undertaking rating of the undertaking. In the instance of traditional Procurement the private sector evaluate merely a portion of the life-cost of the undertaking as they tender merely for a little portion of the undertaking, and it should be a governmental bureau to cover with the hole procedure, but as they do non bear the fiscal effects, they tend to be less efficient and realistic than a PPP pool. The private sector tend to be more realistic and operational than the public one, as they are limited in fiscal resources, which make a better operation, and execution of a undertaking.

In the PPP instance the private sector, as Katz explain ( 2006, 4 ) as it is financially involved and as the turnover from investing will hold to be higher, they will plan characteristic which will be optimized against long term care cost. And all this will be depending on the degree of knowledge-how. But cut downing cost might compromise the quality of the service offered.

The chief characteristic of PPPs is reassigning of hazards from the populace sector to the private 1. The private sector takes the hazard on their side in base of the populace sector, intending the revenue enhancement remunerator which might turn in a disadvantage when the private sector company is non good financed, and goes bankrupted.

As explained by Sparckman ( 2006, p 289 ) there are a batch of claims form the public sector directors for low investing in their sectors. The Public Private Partnerships avoid control/limitation on the public service investings.

The PPPs offer better care and direction, as they invest to fulfill the client, and gather every bit much as they can organize the clients, and a satisfy client is willing to pay more for the service than the unsated 1.

The PPPs has impact on the employment and income addition. Investings done by the PPP will consequence the employment.

But why should the authorities promote the PPP and why should the authorities be e good spouse? The populace sector can profit non merely in comparative footings, intending that a public service will be offered to the citizens, but at the same clip they might roll up income from the use of the PPP. From the Figure 1 we can see that the degree of income is different in clip when we have public support or PPPs.

Figure 1 Comparison of public support and PPP on the hard currency Flow

PPP Approach

PPP Payment


Service delivered

Public Funding

Beginning: Grimsey et al 2004, and Hodge et Al 2005

A public support will necessitate a higher investing in the existent clip, which will straight impact the budget of the authorities, and in the hereafter the cost of care will be smaller. In the instance of a PPP the cost of the existent period will be smaller, or better stating that the authorities will hold more income on the budget because of the grant fee, and on the other side the authorities will hold to pass more in the hereafter, as it has to purchase the services offered by the PPP.

1.2.2 Disadvantages of PPP-s

Most of the companies runing in the PPPs sector are foreign companies. By runing in a different cultural environment the directors are confronting cultural and understanding jobs. And the different cultures the organisations had was a major job for the good cooperation with the community, which in dead affected the sustainability of the undertaking

The duties taken by booth sides should be good clarified. In many instances the engagement of the populace sector, and the function it plays to carry through its duties ( the informality ) has been a job for the public presentation of PPPs. The populace sector non ever takes its full duties.

Long and complicated contract and tendering procedure, can turn to be non efficient. The public sector is portion of a long term contract and the footings of contract can non alter in clip, ( if it is non foreseen otherwise in the contract ) and the operation might go non flexible over clip, and non reflecting alterations of the concern climate.

Some of the hazards transferred to the private sector, might ensue to be unsafe for the cooperation, like in the instance of bankruptcy of the private company, as Hodge et Al ( 2005, p 49 ) provinces, the private sector might hold fiscal jobs ( 2005 ) . The private sector might endure from deficiency of fiscal resources and the recognition they might acquire hold a higher cost that the public recognition. Or it might turn that the private sector can non pull off to accommodate to the alterations in the engineering, etc. and that can hold bad impact on the undertaking.

Political clime and political environment in states are really of import in the public presentation of the PPP. With high political instability there might be jobs related to bad usage of the political power. Politicians turn to utilize the PPPs contract for their political runs, or worst off, they might ensue in reexamining the contract or confer withing them by non allowing the PPP to execute in a proper manner.

In the substructure sector tolls on use of a route might do congestion on another un-tolled route. As people can take between utilizing a free of charge service or a tolled service, some of them will better utilize the free of charge service, which might be suffer organize the congestion.

As we said PPPs are services which usually were used to be offered by the public governments, and the monetary values could be easy controlled, in the instance of the PPP the province has no more power to act upon the monetary values, if non specified in the contract, and the lone thing a province can make is to subsidies the company for the differences of monetary values, or to back up particular groups that make usage of the, by seting the company in monophonic music or monopoly state of affairs. On the other side, the contract signed might be giving the advantages to the private sector to be in a monopoly state of affairs, like the instance of Tirana International Airport, which is already in a monopoly state of affairs for the coming 20 old ages.

By using tolls for the service offered the PPP will consequence the public disbursement. Peoples will pay to utilize the services offered by a PPP, by passing money from their private budget compared to the instance the service would hold been offered by the populace sector. In this turns the cost around from the province to the consumers. Even if the authorities is salvaging money signifier the usage of a PPP, the consumer are passing more.

Employment will be effected by the PPP contract. Most of the denationalization and PPP contracts on already bing companies are accompanied with a decrease of employed staff, or staff fluctuation. Before the H2O supply system in Elbasan was managed by Elber shpk, there were 315 employees working, and after the grant started to run there are merely 150 employees working for the company.

1.2.3 Albanian Case

In Albania PPP are known under the name of Concession. In the Albanian Literature there is no definition of PPP, but there is the definition of the grant ( jurisprudence Nr. 9663, day of the month 18.12.2006 ) . It should be pointed out that the definition of the grant on the Albanian jurisprudence is the definition is used for PPP in other statute laws.

The Albanian Law defines “ Concession ” , as means the understanding, notwithstanding the term, between the Contracting Authority and the concessioner which provides for demands and conditions in footings of which the Concessionaire:

a ) . Carries out an economic activity which would otherwise be carried out by Contracting Authority related to a grant undertaking, direction contract or other public services ;

B ) . Assumes all or significant portion of hazards related to such economic activity ;

degree Celsius ) Receives a benefit by manner of

( I ) Direct payments paid by or on behalf of undertaking authorization ;

( two ) Tariffs or fees collected from users or clients ;

( three ) A combination of such direct payments and duties.

1.2.4 European Case

The European Law Directive ( Directive 93/37/EEC ) distinguishes a works grant from a public works contract by the fact that the concessioner is granted the right to do usage of a building as a consideration for holding erected it. The being of an maltreatment hazard related to the investing made is the finding factor. This right of development may besides be accompanied by payment. Different literatures on PPP-s define the grant as a signifier of a PPP contract. As defined by the European Commission ( 1993 ) when the private sector sells the services straight to the populace, by inquiring a toll or different payment, this understanding is referred to as a grant ; in this instance the private operator wages to the authorities a grant fee. Concession-based attacks are the oldest signifier of public private partnership, and a assortment of agreements are based on the construct of a fixed-term grant, utilizing assorted combinations of private sector resources to plan, concept, finance, renovate, operate and maintain installations. Ownership of the installation may stay with authorities or be transferred to the authorities on completion of the building or at the terminal of the grant period.

Palatopharyngoplasty can be found in regardful Fieldss and countries such as in edifice substructure and urban planning ( Gore 1991 ) , power sector ( Lock 1995 ) , airport traffic service ( Goodwife 2002 ) , in edifice prisons, in engineering development ( Aspen ET al.1994 ) , or even in the fiscal services.

Even if the definitions differ from each other, the PPPs have some common feature:

There is an investing in the bulk of instances from the private sector with the focal point of service bringing to run into public service or substructure demands.

There is a contract which gives to the private sector the right of design edifice, funding, implement and specify the aim of the undertaking.

There is the public spouse and the private spouse

There is a division of hazards between spouses

The understanding from the both entities are for a specified period ( short-term/long term/unlimited )

If it is a long term contract, limited in clip ( with a maximal period of 15-30 twelvemonth )

At the terminal of the operating period the plus is transferred to the authorities.

It should be clear that Public Private Partnerships have a pure contractual nature ( spouses are liked by a contract ) and an institutional nature as it is a cooperation between different entities ( from the populace and private sector ) and it might ensue with the creative activity of a new entity. Bases on the definitions PPPs looks more like a subcontracting house, which is offering a service that the authorities should make, in the conditions when the authorities has non financess to make it.

1.3 Role of Government and private sector in PPPs

1.3.1 Role of Government

In a PPP contract as we explained, one of the spouses is the local or cardinal authorities or a province ain entities. The authorities ( Grimsey et al.2004 ) has the right and duties to specify to private sector the services required, and the populace sector resources available to pay for them, 2nd to stipulate the precedences, marks and end products, 3rd to put to death a carefully planned procurance procedure, so to find the public presentation government by puting and supervising safety, quality and public presentation criterions for those services. The authorities has besides the right and duty to regulate the contract by implementing the criterions, and taking action if they are non delivered, besides to pull off community reactions. The authorities should take attention for the environment conditions to be fulfilled, and respond in cooperation with the private sector. And last the authorities has to maintain in contact and have good cooperation with the populace sector company.

1.3.2 Role of private sector

The other of import spouse is the private sector who in the instance of the PPP is the Contracted. On the other side the private spouse has to carry through certain duties ( Grimsey et al.2004 ) . The private sector has the duty to bring forthing and presenting the service for which has been contracted, by doing first the feasibleness survey, planing and keeping the undertaking, raising financess to finance it, by maintaining and implementing the authorities ‘s aims, and at terminal of the catching period, the private company should return the plus to the populace sector.

Case surveies of PPPs

Muttersberg ‘ mountain overseas telegram manner

The first mountain overseas telegram auto for the community of Nueziders/Bludenz was built in 1956. It was located in the metropolis of Nueziders at the entryway to the Mentafon. Since this clip the overseas telegram manner company had made operating losingss for its proprietors.

It was the clip for the community to make up one’s mind if to shut or the brand the Reconstruction for the overseas telegram auto. Confronting to this pick it was decided to hold a PPP understanding with Silvretta Nova Corporation Inc. for the Reconstruction of this overseas telegram auto. The undertaking foresaw the edifice of some new mountain eating houses and besides the creative activity of a mountain phase.

Silvreta Nova Company had to go 100 % proprietor for this undertaking, covering all the economic hazards for the first 5 old ages. The figure of tourers was quadrupled from 56.000 to 250.000. This was a successful undertaking that has created a win-win state of affairs for tall the spouses.

1.4.2 Thethi, Albania

The Albanian Alps are good known for the fantastic landscape, the about untasted nature and the interesting natural and civilization memorials they offer. The most attractive finishs in the Alps are Thethi, Lepusha, Vermoshi and Valbona. Thethi lying in the centre of the national park has attracted tourers for decennaries. Thethi was frequented since 1887. In 1938, it was officially declared a touristry finish. During socialism, modest adjustment and leisure constructions were built. After the political alteration, the province vacation centres and the private adjustment possibilities collapsed because of dramatic out-migration. Valbona as good served as a tourer finish during the communist period in Albania. A large vacation centre was constructed but demolished after the terminal of communism. The housing activities are taking topographic point in invitee houses like in all other finishs in the Albanian Alps. Nowadays Thethi can still be considered an stray mountain country. During winter clip the links to the small town are frequently interrupted as the roads near because of snow. There is really small on-going economic activity and as a consequence, the degree of income is really low. Many households have emigrated from the small town ( around 80 % ) . They now live in other topographic points in Albania or abroad. Some of the households come to populate in Thethi during the summer period.

In 2007, the involvement of international tourers increased. Data coming from the commune show a doubling of the tourer Numberss, with a turning involvement of foreign tourers. For this ground, Thethi plays once more an progressively function in Albania ‘s touristry planning. It is possible to book Tourss at different travel bureaus of the state.

GTZ signed an understanding with the representative of local authorities and spouse households with respect to bettering the H2O supply in the houses, sewages, kitchen conditions and suites ‘ criterions. The part by GTZ was in goods including hydro-sanitary equipments, furniture for suites, and utensils. Meanwhile the proprietors invested in building the lavatories within the house, in sewage, sanitation, enlarging and retracing the suites, Reconstruction of the roofs. The undertaking provided them with hydro-sanitary equipments, beds, shelves, mattresses, covers, bed linen, utensils, towels, etc. ) . All houses were equipped with marks explicating services, lodging installations and contacts. As a consequence, these houses serve as diggingss and offer successfully this service since the last twelvemonth. The income obtained since so leads the proprietors to extra investing to spread out and better both the housing capacities as their personal criterion of life. The co-ordinated attempts of GTZ and GEF/SGP led to the undermentioned end products:

Farmers develop new concern chances in touristry, which increase employment and income in the small town, every bit good as the figure of dwellers populating in Thethi all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

Thethi is included in the offers provided by international circuit operators.

Promote family-owned SME, organized in invitee houses.

Add value to the merchandise offered

Improve the services offered

Promote the finish.

A list of bing guest houses with elaborate information ( reference, no. of beds, repasts, building criterions, monetary values )

A list with basic information on hotels ( references, building criterions, and monetary values )

A book and a map on the Theti and Kelmend country with incorporate GPS informations will be completed by fall 2008 and published and distributed by a publishing house in Germany

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences ( FH ) of Eberswalde in Germany and the University Shkodra, a touristry map was prepared every bit good as a 7 twenty-four hours cycling circuit construct “ From the Shkodra/Skadar Lake to the Abanian/Montenegrinian Mountains ” in German and English linguistic communication

In add-on, with the support of the FH Eberswalde, architectural programs were prepared for the Reconstruction of traditional farm houses as invitee houses. These theoretical accounts served for the Reconstruction of the other houses as good.

During the season in 2007, two Tourss for Albanian journalists, the Dutch and German embassies and high representatives from the diplomatic corps and the Albanian authorities were organized

Sign boards

Improvement of the services offered

Farmers ‘ households were taught English and assisted in fixing bill of fare for repasts

Traditional hike and trekking waies were rediscovered, explored and elaborated, including GPS information ; 17 Tourss were described and photographed ; extra Tourss are being identified

Potentials in mounting, canyoning, river rafting, mountain biking and cycling were explored and found promising

Collaboration with other givers

During the undertaking execution, GTZ collaborated with GEF/UNDP, InWEnt – Capacity Building International, Germany ; the Dutch and the German Embassies.

GEF supported the betterment of 15 houses by thermo-isolation, the cleansing of the environment and the marker of boosting paths identified by GTZ experts.

The Dutch Embassy restored a historical Defense Tower. The tower was given its old form and was opened for tourers. Postcards were produced: one for advancing it in the market and the other functioning an entry ticket. The execution, financed by the Dutch Embassy, was organized and monitored by GTZ.

The German Embassy financed the partial Reconstruction of the school in Thethi. The school is frequented by around 25 students. The edifice was provided with a meeting room and a personal computing machine. Summer classs learning English and other subjects are taking topographic point. The conditions are now competitory with the best schools in Albania. There is an chance that the edifice serves as an info centre.