Lao is located in South-East Asia. It is one of the long history states with well-established traditional in Asia. Laos has its ain civilization, traditional which is rather similar to other states in South-East Asia However, Laos ‘s civilization is strongly influenced by spiritual, Buddhism believe and besides nearby states such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma. For people who come from different state, they ever have a large clang in civilization daze. They must larn and acquire used to Lao civilization which is really of import for their new life topographic point. Normally, when they have conversation with Laos, they should utilize their eyes and common sense to voyage and larn Lao ‘s civilization. Here is some information guideline for alien should cognize:

Laos has its ain traditional salutation called ‘Nob ‘ where thenars are placed together and held in forepart of the thorax or face. The individual who is in the lower level/position in societal or younger should give a bow or recognizing foremost, so but the Oder or l/higher level/position in societal individual will react recognizing back. There are many degrees for demoing regard to the individual in recognizing with ‘Nob ‘ . The higher of the custodies keeping degree and the lower of the bow means the higher the grade of regard. During ‘Nob ‘ , one should smile and state ‘hello ‘ together with.

“ Sa Bai Dee ” is a word used for the same intent as A?HelloA? . Its general significance is ‘How are you ‘ or ‘I ‘m all right ‘ . It is besides used for intending ‘I am making good ‘ . It is common in Laos to inquire others if they already had dining or repast after recognizing. When individuals ask this inquiry, they do non usually aim for the reply but they show their attention to those individuals they ask.

State Pride

The Lao are trulyA happyA being Laos. The LaoA acceptA for who are they, what they are making andA proudA in their long histories and well-established traditions. They appreciate when alien shows involvement in their civilization.

Word look

Laos is a feeling sensitive civilization. They care for other people experiencing. Lao have many words to depict about their feeling and to show how they think. Lao ‘s words that are frequently used in mundane life are ‘Bo Penh Nyang ‘ and ‘Tham Ma Dha ‘ . These two words have assorted intending harmonizing to the context. However, all significances are related and influence by a Buddhist position.

Bo Penh Nyang straight means ‘No job ‘ . It besides has other significances as ‘never head ‘ or ‘are you all right? ‘ In some instance, Bo Penh Nyang used with person did something wrong to show that the action is forgiven. Tham Ma Dha is the word from Buddhist thought, means ‘everything goes on it manner ‘ . In mundane life state of affairs, it means ‘average ‘ , ‘the norm ‘ or ‘everything procedure as usual. ‘

Religious Culture

Similar to other states in South-East Asia, Lao civilization is influenced by Buddhism believe.. Buddhism deeply binds with Laos ‘s mundane life and their ways of believing besides their traditional. With Buddhist learning about the ways of things that things are as they are and as they should be, Lao easy accept the changing. Furthermore, Buddhism spiritual ever teach people to be peace and regard to each other. This builds Laos society to be a peaceable life. Lao people besides extremely give regard to monk and spiritual related things. Religious and Temple is the centre of Lao mental behavior.

Body behavior

In Laos, as in most Buddhist civilizations, caput is considered the most precious/highest portion of the organic structure. In the other manus, the pess are the least sacred/lowest portion of the organic structure. There are many manners and facets that are related to organic structure behavior. It is necessary to retrieve this behavior whenever in Laos. Laos do non play other caput as it is consider as the high portion of organic structure.


In large metropolis and urban country, Laos dress the modern fabrics in the same manner as the western do. However, short and telling apparels are by and large non acceptable in Lao civilization. In temple, everybody must have on polite fabrics such as adult females must have on long pant or frock to cover their articulatio genuss with long arm and must non demo their thorax.

Losing face

Losing face is a really sensitive state of affairs for Laos. Losing face in public is a broken thing. Lao are afraid of being insulted. before speaking about something or making some action, those materials should be reconsidered if it will do losing face to anybody. Any signifier of confrontation for victor and also-ran which might take to losing face must be avoided.

Business Etiquette

Do ‘s

Bashs say ‘Sa Bai Dee ‘ as a salutation word in Lao with Lao ‘s traditional salutation. If you do n’t cognize how to recognize in Lao ‘s tradition manner, it is better to bow a small spot and state hullo with a smiling.

Do smile a batch, Lao people love peaceable atmosphere. They ever smile to each other.

Make avoid demoing fondness in public. Lao are rather conservative. Greeting are any action with fondness of individual is non widely accepts even within the same gender.

DO frock with neat and clean concern suites for meetings. Lao are easy acquiring impressed by outside fabrics.

Do have on polite frock when sing authorities, office and temple. Appropriate frock and behaviour when come ining topographic points are indispensable. trunkss or sleeveless shirts or somersault floating-point operation is impolite frock.

Bashs take off your places when invited into your Lao concern co-worker ‘s place. Lao people try to maintain their topographic points clean. Taking chapeau and places off besides are demoing regard to the topographic points. Lao appreciate and anticipate alien to make the same.

Make stoop your back down when walking base on balls person sitting, particularly the senior. Lao extremely give regard to elder. Besides, as stooping back, organic structure of walking individual is consider as non higher than sitting individual.

Make demo esteem to Buddhism. Foreigner should demo regard and be careful on their action in the temples country. Make speak respectful about the faith. One of import thing about Buddhism is adult females should non touch Monks.


Do non touch anyone on the caput. As caput is the most sacred portion of the Lao ‘s organic structure, touching caput is considered as really impolite behaviour

Do n’t set your pess on tabular array or chair and should n’t sit with crossed-leg or indicate your pess to anyone. The same thing as the old one, Lao believe that Head is high and Feet are Low.

Do n’t take any people photo without permission. You must inquire them foremost to permission if they are all right or non.

Do non shout or raise your voice or lose pique in public. Lao people speak quietly and avoid confrontation. Talking or shouting in loud voice may scare them. It is besides considered as uneducated or barbarian individual. Peoples who lose their pique in public might be looked down on from other people.

Do non affecting with illegal material and sex touristry. The usage of drugs is illegal in Laos.. The merchandising of wildlife and wildlife merchandises should be avoided. Trading old-timer Buddha, sacred points and other old artefacts are prohibited. They are non allowed to be taken out of Laos. You might hold job when go forthing Laos. Sex touristry is besides illegal in Lao

Business Practical

Business Value

Business civilization in Laos is different from westerner ‘s concern civilization. In order to understand the difference of concern civilization between different civilizations, the individual has to hold existent experience and navigate deeply in the civilization. The comparing of the value emphases that can be found for each civilization, Laos and Western, are listed in the undermentioned Table.1. This tabular array is derived from existent experience of western man of affairs in Lao with his point of position and his ain navigating. It can be used as a guideline for more understanding Lao ‘s concern value.

Table.1 Business value accent comparing between Lao and Westerners.

Beginning: Laoletter ( 2008 ) . Lao Business Culture web log.


Businesss are frequently based on personal dealingss developed within societal circles. In Laos concern civilization, work and societal relationship are acquiring along and depend on each other. Since the accent placed on personal relationships is high, holding a dependable and well-connected local agent or representative is important to the success of a foreign venture. Lao are seeking for trusted and believable relationships. Relationships advancement easy in Laos with the bit-by-bit attack. Asking Laos spouse about their household, traditions, civilization aid alien understand their Laos spouse better and besides effectual in constructing the relationship.

Position of Time


Lao people are non so punctual. They are frequently late for the assignment. Normally, they do non hold exact program and clip tabular array for their agenda. Foreigner should larn how the locals plan their clip and maintain their sense of clip flexible. However, promptness from foreign spouse is appreciated

Business Hourss

Official office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In mills and private companies work hours can be extended harmonizing to the jurisprudence ‘s allowance.

Business Etiquette


In concern, presents, handshake is going progressively common during the behavior of concern but merely for people with same gender. Men and adult females should avoid public shows of fondness. However, Laos traditional salutation is preferred.


Lao people should be called by their first names, with their rubric ‘Mr//Ms//Madame ‘ or ‘Than ‘ ( in Lao ) before the name. In the particular juncture or to give higher awards, last name or their household name should be followed after their first name.


In Laos concern, frock codification for concern is an importance. Work force should have on western vesture such as shirt and pants for normal concern juncture. For particular juncture, lightweight suits with tie should be worn. Women normally wear long skirts or blouse with long arm covering the shoulders and upper legs. Women ‘s concern fabric should avoid demoing skin. Another of import thing for dressing is aromas. Laos are rather sensitive to odour. Westerners who have strong organic structure smell should have on soft aromas. Clean and orderly fabrics help in giving feeling to Laos.


Official linguistic communication is Lao. English and Fresh are besides normally used in Business. However, Gallic is more widely used, spoken and understood than English.

Business cards

When making concern in Lao, carry tonss of concern cards. Business card exchange is common in Lao ‘s concern pattern. Business cards should be translated into Lao and printed out.A A common used one is to hold English version on one side and Lao version on the other side.

In concern card exchanging, cards should be given and received utilizing both custodies. Giving concern card with this position shows award and low to the individual whom is dealed with. Exchanging concern card with one manus besides acceptable, but merely interchanging with right manus where left manus lightly wrap around carpus and lower arm. The card should ne’er be instantly kept into the pocket or placed someplace. The item in card for individual name and place should be studied after having another individual ‘s card. Besides, the card should non be written anything down. At meetings, other people ‘s concern cards should be arranged on the tabular array harmonizing to the sitting place. This helps tracking of people names.A It besides is a mark of regard and interested in for the individual. Another of import thing is, playing or composing anything down in other people concern card is disrespectful action. Business card should be treated with regard in same grade of regard as one would demo the individual him or herself.

Gift Giving

It is non required to give the gift when meeting concern spouse but giving gift shows consideration to other people and good relationship. Gift can be anything and do non hold to be expensive things. Gift can be offered to anyone in the meeting but the most importance is giving one for the host or individual in the highest rank. Gifts are given in the order of people ‘s importance or their place. A Wrapped gifts will be opened merely when the individual is entirely. Places and socks are non suited to be gifts in Laos as it is related to pes which is the least sacred portion of the organic structure. Green and ruddy are the most suited colourss for wrapping paper in Laos. White wrapping paper, which is considered as luckless and suffering colour, should be avoided.


‘Negotiations procedure in the Lao is rather slow. It is besides extremely unwell-organized. Lao contracts are usually written in short with simple linguistic communication. The Lao ‘s contract focuses on rules while western contract is obtuse and legalistic. Relationship is more of import than the footings and conditions in the contract. They view the contract as the get downing point of relationship but are able to alter subsequently. The understanding may go meaningless if the fortunes alteration. GoodA relationship with Lao spouses is a large aid in dialogue. Breaking of dialogue should be done really carefully as it might close the door on future cooperation.A Seeking for legalA advocate might take to neglect relationship I


Meeting in Lao is non well-conducted.A In many instance, meeting for Lao people is made for intent of chances for societal juncture.

The highest superior individual of the group should be the first 1 who go into the room and speak to other people.A There is usually concern card exchange before the meeting start. Meetings ever begin with informal talk with functioning java or tea.A The served tea or java should be imbibe or sip before chief topic start as a polite and appreciate behaviour. A severalA treatment are usually takes topographic point before launch into the the chief subject of the meeting. The host will be the individual who starts speaking into the chief subject.

There are several signals from host that indicate the terminal of meeting. The signals include inquiring guest if they would wish more tea, get downing to sum up things up, thank you for coming, and taking invitee to the door.

Table Manner

If Lao has invited person to a dinner it means that they involvement to construct deeper relationship. It is of import to return the favour as it is a mark of interested in holding relationship with them. Whenever accept dining invitation, it is of import to be a host for following repast.

If the repast take topographic point at Lao ‘s house, retrieve to take places off before enter the house. Guest should non take place until host invites to sit. For dining at eating house, do non inquire to portion the measure if have dining at eating house if they propose to pay for you. Alternatively, accept the invitation and so host the following repast.


Lao has indirect communicating manner. Rather than face a individual with an issue or dissension, Lao prefer a non-confrontational ways of pass oning for dissension. As Laos are Bolshevism, relationship between people is of import thing. They avoid holding any struggle in relationships particularly when in public.A Peoples are more likely to avoid choler, confrontation or verbal unfavorable judgments which can take to loss of face. Alternatively of direct confrontation, they try to happen another manner to work out the struggle. Body linguistic communications are rather preserved in Lao. They try to avoid oculus contact. They besides have few organic structure linguistic communication gestures.

For certification, written paperss should be in both Lao and the foreign linguistic communication so Lao people could understand more right about the content of the papers. One more of import thing is document written with ruddy ink might acquire negative feedback from Lao.

One more thing that alien should cognize is thing are non as the manner they seem to be. For illustration, Foreigner should ne’er of all time take yes of Lao as an reply. Lao usually say “ yes ” to bespeak that the message has been heard and understood. “ Yes ” means ‘maybe ‘ or ‘perhaps ‘ or ‘no ‘ . “ Possibly ” means ‘yes, ‘ ‘no ‘ , or merely ‘maybe ‘ . And there is truly no ‘no ‘ as they try to avoid any signifier of struggle. Another illustration is bad intelligence from Lao is frequently slowlyA introduced. The chief subject is usually come after the word ‘and ‘ which by and large is when the most of import content is revealed. Another of import thing in communicating is stating Apologize. Lao usually apologise when something go on, even if they did non make anything worng. But they apologize because anA unfortunate incident has occurred. I

It is importance to retrieve how to demo regard. When in Laos, attempt and make as the Laos. Do and retrieve about organic structure behavior, frock, and public fondness and spiritual mode.