Mrs. Page. I would wish you to cognize that I do non see English as one of my strongest topics ; nevertheless. I still am excited to be in this category. From what I can state. your peculiar manner of direction will decidedly be helpful towards my instruction in literature. I feel you are person who can assist me to break myself in composing. My name is Michael Cortinas. I will be majoring in Computer Science and I am presently portion of the Texas Science Scholars plan. I enjoy reading. but struggle when it comes to composing on a designated prompt. In high school. I was portion of both the varsity path. and cross-country squad. Before college. I would run two or three stat mis every forenoon. but. because all my categories take topographic point in the forenoon. I haven’t had clip.

I have been working part-time at H-E-B for about a twelvemonth now. where I do anything from cashier to force carts. I presently live with my female parent. step-father. and three younger siblings. intending most of my prep will be done on campus. When it comes to college. I hope to obtain the accomplishments necessary to go an impact in my community and in the lives of those close to me. I feel if I can acquire plenty from college. I can be the type of individual that people feel confident in seting their trust and coming to for advice. I guess this desire was inspired my great-grandfather. who passed off last twelvemonth. He was person that everyone felt comfy confiding in and ever seemed to cognize merely what to state. Your category. being one that works with word pick. is a great start towards this end. I feel that I am traveling to bask your category and all it has to offer.