My hubby and I have struggled for old ages merely to do terminals run into and pay the measures. Our measures are ever a month behind. though we do pull off to ever maintain our public-service corporations from being shut off. and we have ever kept nutrient on the tabular array and apparels on our households back. nevertheless there has ne’er been excess money to thoroughly enjoy life. Vacations have ne’er been something we could take. We have ever lived payroll check to paycheck. Obtaining my college grade will hold many benefits such as enabling my household to hold a much easier life and it will besides learn our childs the importance of a higher instruction.

In this essay I am traveling to discourse the benefits I will derive by obtaining my college grade and how my life and the life of my household will go better. The first and most important benefit I will derive by acquiring my college grade is that I will be able to acquire a calling in the news media or mass communications field. This will increase our income greatly. We will no longer hold to fight merely excessively have the necessities of life. We will besides hold the excess money to take a household holiday. If we are non fighting merely to acquire by our life will be much more fulfilling and gratifying.

The following benefit will be that my childs will understand how of import I feel an instruction is. Because we have struggled so long without that instruction. one time I get the instruction and our life improves they will cognize it takes more of an instruction than a high school instruction to do life easier. I do non desire my childs to pass 20 plus old ages fighting like we have. I want them to cognize that life does non hold to be such a battle merely to pay the measures or purchase nutrient. I want my kids to hold an easier life than we did. I want them to bask life and the occupation they have.

If you get an instruction in a field that involvements you. traveling to work will non be such a awful experience. The benefits I will derive from my grade will demo them that they excessively can hold those same benefits by merely acquiring a grade in a field that involvements them. Another benefit I will derive from acquiring my grade is that I will experience better about myself. This was something I ever wanted to make and try a twosome times when I was younger. I ever gave up before I completed the grade. I have ever felt bad about myself for non holding the will power and thrust to lodge with it and finish the grade.

Now that I am older I know that life could hold been so much easier if I would hold stuck with it and got my instruction. I was experiencing like a failure because I did non make this. I felt at 44 I was excessively old to seek now to better myself. In October I eventually realized some things in life our of import to finish no affair what your age is. The old expression is “Better late than ne’er. ” This stating holds true for a college instruction. As we head towards our aureate old ages I do non desire to pass the remainder of my life fighting. I want to retire and hold some benefits to do life easier in our old age.

In the procedure it will assist my childs realize they need to make it every bit shortly as possible. and non wait until subsequently in life like I did. It is all right to state childs that they need to make this and make that because it will do life easier on them. But they most probably will non listen unless they see cogent evidence of it. By obtaining my grade I will be demoing them the cogent evidence they need to see it is the best manner to hold a better life. If even merely one of my childs travel on to college because they saw me make it and saw the benefits I got out of it I will experience much better about myself and what I encouraged them to make.

The last benefit I will derive in my journey will be that I can work in the news media field or mass communications. I love to compose. it is a passion of mine every bit good as working in the music industry. With my grade in Journalism and Mass Communications I will hold the instruction to follow my dreams to go a music publicizer. As a music publicizer I will be able to work with instrumentalists and assist them on their journey to going successful. I will be able to watch them turn in the industry and have a manus in assisting them win. I will be composing the imperativeness releases that will make involvement in their music.

I will be able to reach authors and bloggers and have them help us distribute the word. I presently am the author that publicists come to and inquire me to compose about and/or interview their clients. I love making it and it is really exciting so I know how much joy I will convey to those who have a passion to interview and compose about instrumentalists. As a music populace I will be the 1 who gets to reach non merely the major media but besides authors and bloggers like myself. I will be able to make an involvement in my clients and assist them mount the ladder of success.

This is something I have been woolgathering of making of all time since I had my first interview in 2006 with American Idol Taylor Hicks. Obtaining my college grade will hold many benefits such as enabling my household to hold a much easier life and it will besides learn our childs the importance of a higher instruction. We will no longer battle. I will experience better about myself. I will learn my childs how of import an instruction is and I will acquire to follow my dreams and have the calling that is a passion of mine. It is win-win state of affairs that I will win at. I will obtain my college grade and life will be easier and much more gratifying.