The Federation of Malaysia, which was formed in 1963, originally consisted of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah. Singapore left the Federation due to internal political relations at twelvemonth 1965. Malaysia was one of the most successful non-western states to accomplish modern economic growing. Malaysia has been the major supplies for some merchandises such as Sn, gum elastic, palm oil, etc. By 1990, the state had met the standards for Newly Industrialized Country ( NIC ) statues ( 30 per centum of exports to dwell of manufactured goods ) . There was an economic system crisis in Malaysia during 1997-98 that slowed the growing temporarily. Vision 2020 purpose was to accomplish a to the full developed industrialised state before twelvemonth 2020. Malaysia have shown to be one of the best illustration in which the economic functions and of assorted racial groups that have been managed decently to populate together in peace in long-run without losing a opportunity of growing despite racial tenseness that happen in twelvemonth 1969. ( Drabble 2010 )


Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) is defined as a class of international investing that reflects the aim of a occupant in one economic system ( the direct investor ) obtaining a permanent involvement in an endeavor occupant in another economic system ( the direct investing endeavor ) . ( Rahim n.d. ) The direct investing relationship was established when they have acquired 10 % or more of the ordinary portions of an endeavor abroad. FDI is more stable and will last in long term.

FDI plays a few of import functions in Malayan economic system. The most of import function of FDI was to bring forth economic growing by increasing domestic capital formation. FDI map is to make a span for supply and demand of other states to assist the development of the state. FDI provides an extra beginning of capital and aid development of the state activities. FDI is created to augment domestic capital formation which leads to incremental growing through enlargement of production capacity. ( Rahim n.d. ) The greater the growing of economic system the better the attractive force of investing from market-seeking houses. FDI functions are to hold incremental growing for fuel exportation. Besides that, it does assist the transportation of new engineering to help the host economic system. With FDI, this will take to a better and higher employment rate through the enlargement of the economic system of the state.


( Political )

There are many races in Malaysia. These races have to larn to populate in peace and harmoniousness. The 3 major races would be the Malay, Chinese and Indians. They have learnt to avoid struggles among themselves and larn to work together to do it a better topographic point to populate in. The Malayan authorities have approved for national public vacations to the assorted spiritual festival. The races in Malaysia have different ‘religions, linguistic communication, codification of dressing, imposts, behavioral forms, and architecture manners ‘ ( Abdullah and Pedersen 2003 ) but still we aim for merely peculiar one end which is to populate in peace and harmoniousness. For investors from China, they are able to talk Mandarin to our local Chinese, and the India investors are able to talk Tamil to our local Indians. Peoples from the Middle East are besides able to talk English and pass on better with our people populating in Malaysia. This gives them comfortability such that they are able to talk their ain linguistic communication. The authorities have reinforced that people who ignite racial tenseness will be dealt with earnestly. Malaysians are by and large friendly towards anyone, therefore this is a good opportunity for foreign investors to research about Malaysia. The authorities consist of UMNO, MIC, and MCA which work together to organize a peaceable society. Malaysia is besides located in a strategic location whereby in the center of all the other ASEAN states. ( Political Stability n.d. )

( Legal Environment )

‘A company given Investment Tax Allowance will be granted an allowance of 60 % in regard of measure uping capital outgo incurred within 5 old ages from the day of the month of blessing of the undertaking. The allowances which have non been utilized can be carried frontward until the full sum has been consumed. 30 % of the statutory income will be taxed at the predominating company revenue enhancement rate. However, companies in Sarawak will be granted allowances 100 % in regard of the measure uping capital outgo incurred. ‘ ( Investment Tax Allowance 2000-2010 ) For investors from China, India and Middle East, it is flexible for them to make their payment for the purchase of the industry. Besides that the Sarawak authorities has low down the payment for industrial purchases and the industrial land is besides really inexpensive which was stated about RM2.50. ( Investment Tax Allowance 2000-2010 ) Besides that companies that are eligible for Pioneer Status in Sarawak usually will be given revenue enhancement freedom of 75 % but at the current minute they provide 100 % of the statutory income. On the other manus, the Sarawak authorities have created 2nd unit of ammunitions of innovator position for companies that are new or even the bing 1s so the companies do non lose out and many investors would be interested to put in companies of the state. Not merely that, the authorities provided 100 % of measure uping outgo for substructure allowances. With this many extra advantages for inexpensive revenue enhancement, the China, India and Middle East can put with confident that their investing will do a net income.

( Economic Environment )

The currency for Malayan in Ringgit Malaysia has been traveling up recently and that proves Malayan economic system is turning. The current exchange rate for RM to USD is 3.8000 ( January 2001 ) , 3.8000 ( 2000 ) , 3.8000 ( 1999 ) , 3.9244 ( 1998 ) , 2.8133 ( 1997 ) , 2.5159 ( 1996 ) . The mean Growth Domestic Product ( GDP ) for Malaysia is 2.60 % last reported quarterly. From 2000-2010, Malaysia average quarterly GDP growing was 1.18 % . This shows that Malaysia is a quickly turning economic system. Malaysia was a middle-income-country that transformed itself from bring forthing natural stuffs to a multi-sector economic system that does different types of export, import and other concerns. The Malayan authorities had yielded RM5.6bil in FDI in the first three months compared to last twelvemonth which merely obtain RM5.66bil the full twelvemonth of 2009. Investors from China, Middle East and India would be interested to put in Malaysia since that this state is developing at a rapid rate. The rising prices rate was in conclusion reported yearly at 1.9 % in July of 2010. Basically from 2005-2010 the mean per centum was 2.77 % . This shows that Malaysia have a low rising prices rate. Malaysia has an unemployment rate of 3.70 % in March of 2010. From 1998 to 2010, the Malayan Unemployment Rate norm is 3.83 % . ( Malayan GDP Growth Rate 2010 ) The unemployment rate is much lower compared to other ASEAN states. Any foreign investors will be given a clip for such 10 old ages of revenue enhancement free to whom which investors invest in Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia. Middle East can put in Banks which have proven to shown that Malayan economic system is current turning quickly.

( Socio-cultural Environment )

‘In the present twenty-four hours, Malaysia is a multicultural, multilingual and multireligious where different group and communities live side by side, while keeping their separate individuality ‘ . ( Abdullah and Pedersen 2003 ) There are many multicultural corporations in Malaysia. The races in these company work together as a squad even though they have different sentiments and different race beliefs merely to accomplish the end for the company. Different races wouldn`t be a job today because it ‘s been shown that people from different races can even jest with each other in the company itself. The linguistic communication wise for these investors is first-class thereby they can pass on at their ain linguistic communication. These investors can see that even though the corporation consists of many races in the corporation but they are able to work merely every bit good as anyone else. Since China investors are able to pass on good, they are able to put in companies that sell herb or even present new companies that provide stylostixis which have been celebrated for mending people from the yesteryear.

( Technological Environment )

Malayas have impressive web of main roads. The main roads link major growing Centres to havens and airdromes throughout full Malaysia. This provides efficient agencies of transit for people and goods. Besides that the development of railroad which is the Kuala Lumpur Sentral provides modern agencies of transit to topographic points around Malaysia. The major rail conveyance webs are connected to each other which provide conveyance installations which are on par all over the universe. Besides that, Malaysia has efficient havens. ‘Today, more than 90 % of the state ‘s trade is by sea via the 7 international ports. ‘ ( Developed Infrastructure 2009 ) Malaysia has a strategic place whereby being in the center of the Asia Pacific part which enables international airdromes to run expeditiously and fleetly. High-tech Telecommunications besides exist in Malaysia whereby the webs have been imposingly spread outing during the past old ages. ‘The latest digital and fibre optics engineering is being used to supply high quality telecommunication service. Malaysia is linked to the remainder of the universe through assorted fibre optics and satellite pool such as FLAG, SE-MA-WE, APCN, China-US, Japanese-US, Measat and Intelsat ‘ ( Developed Infrastructure 2009 ) . This will pull the foreign investors from India, China, and Middle East to put in Malayan economic system such that giving Malaysia a opportunity to increase their economic system position. The labour workers have higher instruction degree compare to other 3rd universe state. The workers here will understand better on a different graduated table and have higher degree of forte due to their higher instruction degree. Higher forte will assist bring forth merchandises more fleetly and expeditiously. By this, India investors can put in ‘pipeline in power, oil refineries, telecommunication and electrical equipment industries, besides main road and other substructure development undertakings ‘ in Malaysia due to their emerge as a major possible investor. ( INDIA-MALAYSIA: Investing SCENARIO 2002-2008 )


There are a few challenges for Malaya to get the better of which is to retrieve from the fiscal crisis that shook the ASEAN states in the late 1890ss. In 1997, due to rapid growing of economic system, the entire figure of hapless families reduced from 1,000,000 to 294,400. The crisis had caused a great impact on poorness decrease in Malaysia that caused it to go a great challenge for poorness obliteration schemes. During twelvemonth 1997-1998, ‘poverty increased from 6.8 % to 7.6 % while hardcore poorness increased from 1.4 % to 1.5 % . ‘ Besides that, it besides affects in the retrenchment of workers, increasing in nutrient monetary values, and rising prices. ( Nair n.d. ) The other challenges for Malaya to get the better of are that the resistance is acquiring stronger whereby they have obtained 5 of import provinces. The authorities must larn to accept them and work together to better Malaysia in order to bring forth a healthier hereafter. There is besides deficit of skill workers since Malaysia have a low population. Foreign people have negative perceptual experience of us for illustration people think that Malaysia is a 100 % Islamic state. On the other manus, thenar oil and gum elastic which have been produce in big Numberss in Malaysia, whereby they can be farther procedure to get the better of resources which are consuming in the old ages to come. The labor rewards have besides been traveling up recently since the economic system of Malaysia is quickly turning. The fight of Malaysia has besides drop from ranking 24th to26th and this would be a challenge for Malaysia to get the better of. ( Damodaran 2010 )


Basically talking, the authorities should be more unfastened to sentiment organize resistance instead than viing with them for power. This will merely cut down attractive force from foreign investings particularly from China, India and Middle East. Besides that, the authorities should supply some certain demands that if u invest a certain sum that reaches the outlook, the investment company would be given excess old ages of free revenue enhancement or even more allowances. ‘Begin schooling earlier from age 5 or 6 instead than 7 and the first three old ages should be merriment and gratifying. ‘ Future labour workers will be farther educated and increase the specialisation of workers in the development of economic system of Malaysia. ( Vikraman 2010 )


In decision, Malaysia is a quickly underdeveloped state. The economic system of Malaysia is acquiring better and retrieving from the economic system crisis during twelvemonth 1997-1998.Besides that, ‘the Prime Minister of Malaysia said that the economic system can turn more than 6 % in 2010. ‘ ( YAP 2010 ) It would be a good thought for investors from China, India and Middle East to put in Malaysia to open new companies or even back up the economic system and development of Malaysia.